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  1. Just happened to pop in today for the first time in years. This place used to be the center of the universe. Anybody got their Zakk Wylde Epi from 357 Customs yet?
  2. I never left but I'll come back when Batotman comes back! I also want my $99 Zakk Wylde LP and toy motorcycle dammit!
  3. Jeeze. When it rains it pours! What a beautiful dog. Double mojo sent bro!
  4. Contact me when the technology is such that I can bang a holographic Marilyn Monroe. Til then, I'm not too interested.
  5. I can almost handle the single pickup look on a top that nice, but it just doesn't look right without that toggle switch. Make it a kill switch I guess, then I'll buy it.
  6. I paid $90 for a clean one a while back then traded it away to my HVAC guy for some freon. wish I still had it!
  7. hm, poly tune or pitch black? theyre both 65. opinions? I have both and the Polytune still works. Pitchblack was a great tuner...I would've recommended it wholeheartedly up until the day it stopped working.
  8. Not live, but here's "One Bourbon,...etc.etc". If nothing else, you can rule it out. [video=youtube;ISmgOrhELXs]
  9. Looking for a good deal on a VR. Don't care too much about condition. Not working? No problem. Ugly? No problem. Would like to spend as little as possible so I'd probably go for a basketcase SF over a pristine BF. Let me know whatcha got. Thanks!
  10. Had no idea the finish was that thick on those guitars. Looks like I might've been wrong afterall! When you said there was nothing on your neck plate, I misunderstood that as having nothing in the neck pocket. All those pix seem to make it look legit.
  11. More pix would help! There's absolutely nothing stamped or written in the neck pocket? That's not a good sign. Did you buy it as a USA AVRI? Because, the finish is way to thick to be nitro so it's not one of those for sure. Maybe it's MIJ/CIJ, but it should say so. Personally, I think your instincts are good...I think it's a cheap partscaster that someone put a Fender sticker on. Hope I'm wrong! Take off the pickguard and see what's under there...
  12. Hi, Please PM me the trade /sale value as well. Any interest in a Daphne Blue '50s Classic Strat? Looks a lot like this one...
  13. This thread is like finding a picture of Mr. Clean and telling everyone he's bald.
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