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What's Your Day-Job?

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  • What's Your Day-Job?

    I work for a dental lab :smileyembarrassed:

    a selection of my songs: https://soundcloud.com/songwriter101

    my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SaulTiberiusNads

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    I'm a retired bum.
    "Today's production equipment is IT-based and cannot be operated without a passing knowledge of computing, although it seems that it can be operated without a passing knowledge of audio." - John Watkinson, Resolution Magazine, October 2006
    Drop by http://mikeriversaudio.wordpress.com now and then


    • Balthazar Munoz
      Balthazar Munoz commented
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      I'm in So. Tx. I'm a poor hispanic. I blow right wing New national Socialist German heritage rednecks. What else. I blow them all day, every day for my pittance.

    • thankyou
      thankyou commented
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      MikeRivers wrote:
      I'm a retired bum.

      I prefer to call it voluntarily unemployed.

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    I'm an adult film actor.


    • UstadKhanAli
      UstadKhanAli commented
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      I'm a tomato repairman.

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    MarkydeSad wrote:

    I work for a dental lab :smileyembarrassed:

    I had to check my notes for the dust sleeve bio on my unfinished novel...

    I appear to currently be a free lance web developer, which, checking my bookmark in the Akashic Record, I believe is the 21st century equivalent of intenerant cobbler/tinkerer.

    music and social stuff | The Forgotify Files | A Year of Songs | mutant pop on facebook | roots acoustic on facebook

    The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.


    • gdoubleyou
      gdoubleyou commented
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      Retired electronic tech from Boeing  flight Test last October.

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    I'm an agent provocateur, iconoclast and gadfly.   I had to leave my gig as adult film actor when I just got too damn old and ugly.

    <div class="signaturecontainer"> <br />
    <font color="blue"><b><font color="olive"><font color="sienna"><font color="purple">Every paint-stroke takes you farther and farther away from your initial concept. And you have to be thankful for that. </font> </font></font><font color="olive">Wayne Thiebaud</font></b></font><br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <b><font color="#808000"><font color="blue"><a href="http://www.facebook.com/#!/rasputin1963/info" target="_blank">Friend me on FACEBOOK!</a> </font></font></b><br />
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    <br />


    • Ed A.
      Ed A. commented
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      rasputin1963 wrote:

      I had to leave my gig as adult film actor when I just got too damn old and ugly.

      Well, there's always directing...

      Boogie Nights

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    One company, two hats. Chief Information Officer and Risk Management Director. I work for a not-for-profit community mental health center in one of the poorest areas of the US. Between managed care, the government's Meaningful Use electronic health record project that they totally botched for the mental health side, a mismanaged state retirement system that used to charge the agency 7 percent and now wants 40 percent payroll contribution, oh, and companies talking our governor into privatizing parts of lowest level health care so they can take the money and not provide the services

    <div class="signaturecontainer"><font color="Red"><i>My friends have big houses and new cars. I own music equipment.</i></font></div>


    • RockViolin
      RockViolin commented
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       I already sort of fessed up in another thread. I was a professional violinist for about 20 years. Solo, duos, trios, quartets, quintets, opera pit orchestras, chamber orchestras, pops orchestras, etc. Just a gig piggin orchestra grunt, really. Trenches baby, the trenches. And I really did consider that to be a day job most of the time, as I had an electric violin dream I was after.

      Some WEA A&R guy in Minneapolis caught my 'act' and met with me after. He said some very nice things...and gave me big ideas I suppose. At that point I completely stopped any effort at upward mobility in the classical world. Yes, being a regular violin player seemed very much a day job at that point. 

      Stuff happens. Divorce, directly upon my return from Minneapolis. Then pnueumonia a few couple of years later, the direct result of burning the candle at both ends. The band I'd just formed bailed. And then a few years later a very, very bad neck injury.

      No day job. Precious little dream left. Oh well.  

      I now run a daycare with my current wife. I cook. Light cleaning. Gopher supplies. Rattle my chains once in a while.

      Whatever. It's a dayjob too. I'm still here, and things are looking up in some ways. I guess I've had some karma to work out though. Huh? Ya think? " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />



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    I'm a Commercial Refrigeration Technician, as I have been for nearly 40 years. I live my life in, on the roofs, and the mechanical rooms of Supermarkets, with occasional forays out to energy and chemical plants to work on cryogenic chillers. various sharp turns in life kept me from taking my musical dreams beyond a few Garage bands and my own mechanical business. Didn't stop me from playing altogether..but definitely kept me from achieving any prowess musically..or amassing any wealth. Did same lameass recording on my own, which you can hear below...You won't be impressed.



      MDLMUSIC commented
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      Retired Public School Administrator. Now I just play guitar, ride my bike, and drive my wife crazy.

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    I am an Independant contractor as a news paper carrier for two newspapers. Also I have music lesson business. All three are near life support. The newspaper biz is a dying industry or to be positive for the focused ones a transition but I most likely wont be part of that new vision. My music lesson business is struggling from a drop in new aspiring musicians and my own lack of marketing strategy.

    I used to be in the corporate world until my kids were born and it made more sense for me or my spouse to take care of them and I was the logical choice to be Mr Mom for the last 20 years for a lot of reasons. It also gave me the opportunity stay in the music world.
    <div class="signaturecontainer"><a href="http://jonjohnson1.bandcamp.com/" target="_blank">http://jonjohnson1.bandcamp.com/</a><br />
    <br />
    <a href="https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363103357" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363103357</a></div>


    • Ronan Murphy
      Ronan Murphy commented
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      Makin' Records. I also do a bit of training and consulting for other people trying to figure out how to make records. (I am old enough that I still think of myself as a guy that makes "records")

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    What is "day"?
    band websites:


    • #10

      Every morning I wake up I kick cancer's ass one more time. One day I'll kill that sneaky bastard.

      After I've kicked it's nasty old ass around the house I work for restoration of benefits for the Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam War.

      <div class="signaturecontainer">Still Kickin' cancer's ass....<br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.bwsvw.org">Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam War</a><br><br>HCGB Trooper #246<br><br>Psalm 19 Society<br><br><div class="bbcode_quote"><br><div class="quote_container"><br><div class="bbcode_quote_container"></div><br><br>I can't really imagine experiencing the desire for multiple women; one has proven to be taxing enough as it is.<br><br></div><br></div><br></div>Thanks Offy