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  1. Legendary producer with an amazing body of work and the thread turns into a Grateful Dead discussion?
  2. I think the brand I used was Optima. Frank Zappa had an endorsement from them so that was good enough for me back then.
  3. Years ago I used to use gold-plated strings. I forget who made them. I don’t know if the sounded any better, but they looked cool on my Les Paul.
  4. I use the ones made out of metal with the little balls on the end. Lowest number is “9”. Whichever are the cheapest.
  5. I would think it depends largely on who is doing the hiring. As most home inspections are hired by the person buying a home, while it may or may not be technically legal under AB5, I would think it mostly just flies under the table. IIRC, when I got an inspection when I bought my home, I just wrote the dude a check out of my personal checking account. How he accounted for that and how it may or may not have been detected by the state (had it been in CA) under AB5? I don't know. I can tell you that with my band, which is hired almost exclusively to do private events for private individuals, it hasn't come up yet for anything we have booked in CA. Even with the corp gigs we have booked, it hasn't (yet) been an issue. In the case of appraisals, most of my work is independently contracted from large firms/banks who send me 1099s every year.
  6. This is good news. Although, to be honest, I fully expected this. My experience with laws/regulations that don't end up working out as intended is that they generally get revised/over-turned pretty quickly. On a related note, this law also seems to be affecting people in my industry (real estate appraisers) as well. I got a notice a few weeks back from my biggest client that they would no longer be hiring independent appraisers in California and would only be using their own staff appraisers going forward. As I don't really do any work for them in CA (or much at all for anyone anymore, TBH) it had no effect on me. But I would expect a carve-out for appraisers soon enough as well.
  7. Yeah, but a "groove" can apparently now be copyrighted, all bets are off it seems. As far as "Creep"/"Air That I Breathe" goes, I think that goes into a bit of a grey area since once you start playing that rather-unique chord progression, the melody almost writes itself. Especially at that slow tempo.
  8. There are several versions of the act out there. Depends what city you see them in.
  9. The RRHF has long had a very broad definition of “rock”. I can’t even get worked up about that anymore.
  10. All of them probably deserve to get in eventually. Except maybe Thin Lizzy. For this go around? My 5-7: Todd Rundgren. Depeche Mode. Pat Benatar. Doobie Brothers. Kraftwerk Whitney Houston. Judas Priest
  11. Just for the record, (pun intended), “Good Vibrations” isn’t on Pet Sounds. It was recorded and released later and was included on Smiley Smile.
  12. Never played one. But let me guess. They have a lot of watts?
  13. I guess you went beyond nose-tweaking.
  14. It was invented in Hawaii by Joseph Kekuku https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Kekuku The ukulele, on the other hand, made it’s way to Hawaii via Portugal.
  15. Burns’ work is great for learning about things you previously thought you had little interest in.
  16. Never believe anything until you are actually booked and the contracts come back! I think I learned that when I was 16! People also get tired of bands too sometimes. There are events we will do 2-3 years in a row and they go great and everyone loves us and then they don't ask us back anymore. I get it. People get tired of having the same band year after year. They want something different. Nothing wrong with that. Just part of the business.
  17. Yep. More likely, I'll end up midi'ing it into my existing boards, but without being to access it easily, I'm better off using rack gear with presets. I'm thinking it will likely end up just being a fun toy to play with at home. But, oh, the fun!
  18. That's pretty cool! But why only 2 octaves The mini-moog was 3 1/2.
  19. At that price I may have to pick one up just for the hell of it. But I have hard time finding much usefulness of it being a rackmount module. Part of the whole deal of a Mini Moog was having the controls right above the keyboard and making adjustments on the fly. I suppose I can put it in a rack and somehow try to position it above a controller or another keyboard? Not very practical for live gigs though.
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