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  1. Hi Craig, I recently bought a Korg "Liverpool" arranger keyboard as a Stupid Deal of The Day, $150 from MF. It was just for fun. It turns out to be more sophisticated than I expected, except for the mini keys. It is fun to be able to play and sing along with 100 Beatle songs. However, I may actually try to use it for composition now that I have read this article. Thanks for the insight. Kenny BegunSSS member
  2. Hi Craig, Thank you for the tips. I have been soloing for quite a while as a Christian music artist and I have participated for years in SSS. I have linked to a video of live in studio performance so you can see what I do in concert playing along with a Korg Kross built-in sequencer. Just after I recorded this video, I got a left handed 2013 Gibson Studio wine red with min-ETune. It blows the doors off the Washburn Buzz Feiten guitar I use in the video. What an incredible instument the Gibson is. I never would have believed that a guitar could be so versitile. I love the robot tuning feature which is a great time saver. I was concerned that the tuner would not work with a lefty guitar, but Gibson made a left handed version, bless their hearts! Please accept my belated congratulations for your position at Gibson. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about my music presentation if you have the time. I know that you are busy, but any suggestions would be appreciated. The link is: Thanks again. Kenny Begun aka KB Gunn
  3. Anyone here using touch mix 30 pro mixer by QSC with Studio One Pro? When I use it for tracking, the first track record button on S1 is always armed as soon as I turn it on. Unable to turn it off. It only disarms when I unplug the usb connection to my iMac. All lower tracks function normally when it's attached. If I slide a lower track up to the top position, it becomes the record armed track and the other one is no longer armed. I don't think the TM30 even has the ability to arm tracks on the DAW, so I don't understand why this is even happening. I suppose I can have a dummy first track that is not linked to an input but I would rather solve the problem. I bought the QSC so I could record more than 16 tracks without breaking the bank. I am using mixer version 2.0 Any advice?
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