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  1. Moon Hooch: [video=youtube;yUEapzqptIA]
  2. I wouldn't use Facebook if they paid me. I despise Zuckerberg.
  3. The other more interesting statement on their website is: The time between a note and its echo varies, depending on the location of the note in the delay buffer (unlike a normal delay, where the time between a note and its echo is constant). Looking at its GUI, it's like a timeline (buffer) starting with zero and ending with the maximum delay time you have set. Say you set a maximum delay time of 30 seconds, and increase the feedback so the 30 second loop gradually fades out. If you play something at 0 seconds, then 15 seconds, then at 30 seconds, when the maximum delay time (in this case, 30 seconds) is reached, playback reverses at the 30 second point, so what you originally played in last is now played first (but reversed). Then 15 seconds later, what you originally played at 15 seconds is played back (but reversed). Then what you originally played at the beginning is played back 30 seconds later (reversed). The buffer hits the beginning point, and starts playing forward again, etc. etc. etc., until it all completely fades away. This is great for improvising with ambient synth sounds at different points in the buffer, changing synth sounds at different buffer times as you're playing. It's almost like an accompaniment providing new textures by the varying delay times going forward and reverse, instead of just a single, static delay time.
  4. My current favorite reverb is LogicPro/MainStage ChromaVerb, tried dozens of algorithmic reverbs over the years, and I like this the best. Not much into convolution reverb anymore, I prefer algorithmic. For delay, I almost always use Expert Sleepers' Meringue, and occasionally their Augustus Loop delay. Others I use are Delay Designer (Logic/MainStage), and AAS Objeq Delay. Valhalla just released a new delay called Valhalla Delay that I've demoed and like a lot, might buy that for a very reasonable $50. For delays, I like anything that has a maximum delay time of at least 10 seconds and has regeneration, since I'm interested in experimental music, and not mainstream. Augustus Loop has a maximum delay time of one hour!
  5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Tarkus, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery Yes: The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge
  6. I would choose "Wampus" as my stage name.
  7. Apple's Logic Pro/MainStage: Sculpture, Alchemy, RetroSynth, AAS Chromaphone 2.
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