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  1. Never believe anything until you are actually booked and the contracts come back! I think I learned that when I was 16! People also get tired of bands too sometimes. There are events we will do 2-3 years in a row and they go great and everyone loves us and then they don't ask us back anymore. I get it. People get tired of having the same band year after year. They want something different. Nothing wrong with that. Just part of the business.
  2. Pretty sure it's him playing on the first couple of albums. As time went on he got busy with touring and producing other acts. He was cranking out those TJB records with a pretty simple formula at that point. Just get it done quick and easy was probably the attitude, I'm sure.
  3. I was just recently listening to “Kind of Blue” for probably the 7th millionth time and one of the reasons this album never gets old to me is the way it was recorded and sounds. Another 3-track masterpiece. I don’t know how they mic’d things up for this one but the soundstage is fabulous. That they could create so much space and depth with the recording is a work of art. Using the 30th St studio didn’t hurt either. Lol. That room, an old church, was crazy good. This is another recording where there is a “surround” version available that spreads the 3 tracks across the front. On this one they did a trick where they played the album back in a studio and placed two mics in the back of the room and used that to create ambient sound for the rear speakers. You don’t really anything coming out of them specifically, but it is just enough to give you more of a feeling of being in the studio with the band. Too bad 30th St is no longer around so they could have done it there. But I personally like the result.
  4. Oh that’s true. We like what we are conditioned (grew up with) to like. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s just human nature.
  5. Yeah, but our ears have our brain to process what we hear. A phenomenal listening apparatus we are born with!
  6. I do think it must be a “less is more” thing. I think that even by the 70s, a lot of these recordings were starting to lose that “magic”. Too much processing gear to play with? Too many tracks and various micing techniques? Three Mics and the Truth.
  7. Yeah, I’m not really talking about modern compression techniques. That’s kind of obvious why recordings done that way sound bad. I’m just blown away by how they got such a great sound out of a full orchestra with only 3 mics.
  8. It doesn’t mention if they used one or not, but it sounds great. Yes. Sounds like I’m right in the middle of it. Yes. The performances and arrangements for sure. I do like orchestral performances from this period. More “pastoral”? Can’t think of a better word. I hate using words to try and describe music. But the recording is superb. The room, too, will have a lot to do with it of course. But the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium? Who knew! Lol.
  9. I don’t want to make this a digital vs analog debate—although maybe that’s part of it—and I definitely don’t want to discuss modern “brickwalled” recordings and masterings— but I’m so often amazed by how much better recorded older stuff seems to be. Right now I’m listening to this 1959 recording of Violin Concertos by Jascha Heifetz recorded and released by RCA’s “Living Stereo” series. These were recorded on 3 track tape with just 3 mics placed in the studio. The liner notes say it was probably done using Neumann U47 and M49/50 microphones. This particular release is 3-track with the original 3 tracks spread across the 3 front speakers. It sounds just amazing. Like I’m in the studio. So much warmth and depth and presence. How did they do it so much better back then with older gear?
  10. 137th annual convention?? Who knew they had audio conventions in 1877?
  11. Been using a pair for years in my home studio. Love 'em! Probably no better set of cans for the price.
  12. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32561816","data-size":"thumb"}[/ATTACH]
  13. So how hard should it have been for the defense to show those things aren’t copyrightable? It shouldn’t even be about music, per se. If a certain element of something isn’t protected under the law, it shouldn’t matter whether that element is a guitar riff or a pattern on a piece of cloth.
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