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  1. I'm making four of these for the bandmates for Christmas.
  2. A good drummer is an amazing specimen of humanity. Don't know how they do it. I remember a thread in praise of drummers, saying that because of the complexity of a drum kit, they are usually the first to set up and sound check. OTOH, the author had little patience for vocalists, who only had a microphone to set up, but seem to always be the last one ready, even though somebody else had already put the PA together.
  3. Wish I had known about the area when I lived there in the summer of '69. I remember someone telling me that there was an area in the city where there were many music stores, but I never made it to the spot. I do think it was close to Pigalle, one of the streets named in the article. As it was, I was offered to play some buskers' guitars on the quais by the river. Salad days, good times.
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