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    Born in Texas, 1963. Have played piano since the age of four. Started playing and singing professionally in bars at age 14! (Everyone could've gotten into some trouble had my age come out). Played in garage bands in my teens. Was a musician in the US Army. Played in clubs, bars, cabarets, theaters fashion shows all my adult life, from London to Cape Town to Paris to Boston to Miami to Los Angeles to Cancun to Austria. Attended Berklee College of Music, Boston for three years as a piano and voice major. Studied classical voice and theater at Trinity University, San Antonio. Have been recorded in big recording studios a number of times, including Chick Corea's Mad Hatter studios, that time recording a CD for Nordstrom stores. But I've always been on the far side of the glass. I love all kinds of music, but have especial fondness for certain eras, such as Motown's heyday, WWII American pop, songs of the 1920's and Depression, the Gamble/Huff years, the Countrypolitan sound of 1960--1968, AM "Bubblegum" of 1967--1973; Lounge/"Bachelor Pad" music of the 50's, the 1960's Brill Building years, with an especial emphasis on the music of Bacharach/David; the British Invasion of the 60's... and the one of the 80's. Love 70's Disco, I confess. Love various forms of Electronica from Kraftwerk to modern Glitch and Ambient. Today am "semi-retired" from professional musicmaking, though I take a keen interest in modern DAW/VST technologies. My dislikes include: modern Autotune, Rap/Hip-hop, modern Bdwy/Theater, modern so-called R&B, modern Country (if it abandons all trad forms), badly-written lyrics, The Blues (there! said it), Japanese anime. I love to understand as much about recording and production (both vintage and modern) as I can. Joined HCCASSS in 2006.


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    Central Texas, USA


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    Digital Audio, quality Film and TV, Perfumery, Astrology, Graphic Art, Photoshop & Beaut


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