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  1. Love Tommy. He used to come to Winfield every year, but they might have cheaped out on him, or from their perspective, he might have become too expensive.
  2. Not intending to hijack the thread, but there's an amusing story from the documentary, "Miracles out of Nowhere", the story of the band, Kansas. They had a gig where they opened for Aerosmith. Somebody, knowing that Kansas had been quite successful, warned Kansas about Steven Tyler's practice of unplugging an opening act if he thought they were getting too much positive attention. Kansas came up with an alternative plan. They plugged a bunch of cords into some outlets near the stage, but the cords just went towards the equipment and didn't serve any of the amps. They found other outlets and as secretly as they could, ran the cords to their amps. When Tyler started his little venture, nothing happened and Kansas continued playing to huge crowd reaction. Tyler went into meltdown about it.
  3. Here's an article that addresses this. Taylor says that linseed, lemon and mineral oil are all acceptable, just don't overdo any of them. Sounds like none of them are good for finished surfaces, like Fender maple necks. https://blog.taylorguitars.com/fretboard-oil
  4. I believe that luthiers use linseed oil, which is friendly to wood.
  5. Nice playing. A few years ago, I was at an estate auction, and there was a Conn cornet on one of the tables. The case was an older style and a little beat up. I didn't really need another horn , but when I picked it up and ran the valves, it became immediately more attractive. I decided that I would go at least fifty bucks on it. I got it for half that. Back home, I Googled the serial number and it came back 1958. Not only that, but three and a half years ago, the little horn became a godsend, as I wouldn't show up at jams blowing a horn with the word "trump" in its name. I leave it on top of my receiver, as that warms it up. A warm horn is easier to play, and you don't have nearly the volume of saliva to drain from the spit valves. A cold horn precipitates more moisture than a warm one. Besides, happiness is a warm horn.
  6. I play lots of different instruments, but my primary "go to" guitar is a Yamaha classical with something like seven digits in its model number. It's got a cedar top and rosewood back and sides. Nylon string dimensions are way different, but I can warn anyone in earshot: don't buy ball-end nylon strings. They pop their balls off at inappropriate times. That guitar is electric in that it has a bridge pickup and a small condenser microphone in the body. My other two well-used guitars are a Martin 000-18 and an Ovation Celebrity. They share a set of strings. I buy a twelve string set of Martin strings and split it between the two, with the Martin getting the regular gauge set and the Ovation getting the rest, which puts it in Nashville tuning. They both start around 10, with the Nashville tuned one having an octave higher tuning on G,D,A and E. You've heard one of these filling in the background, and could have thought there was a twelve string involved. Yeah, I'm kinda cheap sometimes but it's cheaper that way. IIRC, I have d'Addario nines on my Strat, which doesn't get much play anymore. I wonder if strings are like tires, and they can deteriorate with little actual mileage.
  7. Try a reboot. It didn't work for me and Firefox with this site, but it might work for you.
  8. Aldi has these things on sale once or twice a year. Harbor Freight also has specials on moving blankets, one thing that their Chinese suppliers probably can't screw up, especially if you don't use them for moving anything. IIRC, sometimes you can get one free with any other purchase. I might avail myself of one for just the reason you are.
  9. I choked on my coffee the first time I heard this one:
  10. I'd bet that Junior's is still pretty much one of a kind, and that there would be little scars from use that he could identify. The Custom Shop ones would have regular Fender serial numbers, too.
  11. Do you have any other browsers loaded? As I said earlier, a similar problem with me was based in Firefox. I don't even know if Internet Explorer still comes with Windows, but it's worth a try with another browser like IE, Safari or Chrome.
  12. I found that Firefox was the reason I couldn't view stuff like pics and video links here, and at my online banking site. Never thought of that, but I switched to Safari and everything works as it should. I will probably need to reload Firefox to see if that fixes it.
  13. Same here. Dragging the URL into the box only started the video on its own page; however, dragging it in the dialog box worked. See above.
  14. There may be one or more individuals in law enforcement who could take special interest in this case.
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