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  1. Potts wrote: So I don't know what the "for sale" policy is here so feel free to remove this Daddymac. If anyone wants my speakers for a Bose Classic Model 1 let me know. I'll get the to you cheap. Otherwise they're just going to sit in my garage for years. The classified forum is here. http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Classifieds/ct-p/Classifieds
  2. Well Misha, the links are to a trading company. That's not necessarily a problem but they aren't the manufacturers, rather distributors of instruments and other goods from various manufacturers. You might contact them to see if they will tell you who is building the guitar of interest. It does look as if there's quite a lot of hand work done on the guitars so there are going to be variations between individual units with some being good, some better, some not so good and here and there a real treasure. Something to keep in mind about OEMs. The companies they build for will provide to the OEM with the specifications they want for their product and may vary wildly so if they make for Fender those specs may or may not be as good or better than what is spec'd for the Segovia. With the exchange rate almost one to one if you could get the price down to about $150.00C it would be worth a shot and $200.00, for me, would the the tops. But, as you say, it plays and sounds OK with old strings and they will work a trade, so I'd say go for it.
  3. What I've been able to dig up is this: Tenryu/Wada Factory, Made in Japan, 1946-1968: #####. 12233. Just five digit numbers in sequence. No year of manufacture can be determined. I believe there are at least 9 numbering systems and with Zenbu's numbers down to 3 there could be a dozen or more just for acoustics.
  4. I bought my FG-335 in early 1975 in a small music shop in Southampton (UK) It cost me
  5. see...I`ve heard the...drop dead... part before, but it`s usually followed by asshole, not gorgeous..... ROTFLMAO....Ain't that the truth?
  6. Heh, I bet it'll be posted for sale in the music section of my local fish wrap within a couple of months. I swear, everyone who has ever bought an Esteban has posted it for sale in our news rag as soon as they realized just how big a mistake they made. I mean, the ratio of Estebans to any other maker is just amazing.
  7. Ah, I just read more of the thread. Some very good news indeed. Keep the faith, the mojo and prayers are still going out.
  8. I'm sorry for taking so long to come over. I wish you all the best. I have Multiple Myelome so I can certainly commiserate. I received word Thursday afternoon that my younger brother has contracted Leukemia as well. They were to run tests yesterday to determine just what it is. There have been tremendous advances in treatments so keep your heads up, Dustball in particular will need to keep a positive attitude. Certainly keep a stem cell transplant open as an option if he responds and his blood levels get to a level where it's a safe alternative. I'm going on 9 years out, 6 years beyond the normal life expectancy and I believe a lot of that is from good Karma and prayers sent my way. If you are a believer and attend church have prayers said for him. It does help. Dustball will certainly be in my prayers and I'm pushing good karma that way as well.
  9. ahhhh, i c so its an XLR line out pretty much. Must be a marshal thing Not all direct outs are XLR but I think the majority are, particularly on newer amps. The only others I've seen have been, as Totamus mentioneded, pre-effects and pre-volume so they gave a pure, line level out so you could push it to mixer or other outboard effects prior to the mixer and subsequent FOH amp..
  10. For that particular amp, the Marshall AS50D 3. Line Out Jack Jack socket for connection to home recording or other external equipment with jack inputs. 4. DI Out XLR type output for connection to PA or similar external equipment. Note: Both the Line Out and DI out carry exactly the same signal at different levels and both are placed before the Master Volume so changing the overall level of the amplifier will not affect the signal from the DI or Line Output. 5. Effects Send Jack Jack socket to connect to the input of an external effects processor. 6. Effects Return Jack Jack socket to connect to the output of an external effects processor. It's usually a good idea to look up the manual and read up on the features of a particular piece of gear you are not familiar with..
  11. carlos guitars are a dirty little secret..... Yeah, not a bad little box at all. Kind of like the Yamaha Dynamics in that regard.
  12. I'm not positive about the 6 strings but all I've seen have been 8 digit serial numbers. I also know that I can no longer see all the numbers on my FG150 that I purchased new, I think in '71, ight have been '70 but was definitely purchased over there, so your guitar may be the same way.
  13. Input the serial number here. The model archive is hear.
  14. Either will be fine though there's more demand for the Nippon Gakki units. Just make sure the neck does not need a reset. If the neck is good a set up is reasonably inexpensive and will be worth it.
  15. Don't be sorry about your review as long as it was honest. It pertains to that particular guitar. It is certainly a possibility that was a second someone picked up and hopes to profit from. I've never personally see a Walden that I recall but do know I've never read or heard of anything really horrible, other than the aforementioned possible QC issues. It does seem to me that the guitar was over heated somewhere along the line. That will sometimes cause shrinkage of various parts as could humidity issues. That could also explain some of the glue issues, possibly having come loose and been reglued. In any case, I appreciate the report. It's a pretty nice thing, buying a guitar for a friend.
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