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  1. Do you by chance remember Lee Knight?  "LOCATION: (I'm in parentheses -- that's why you can't hear me.)" Coincidentally (or not) I was thinking of Lee when I posted, a moment ago to my own thread (where you kindly left a "Thank-You" this day).  The subject was "My Mom, Mitch Albom and The Very Thought of You"  and it was a re-capitulation of an entry made on my previous thread -- that was 'this close' to 500,000 "views" before the platform here had a little glitch that made it all disappear! You and Lee, I see, joined the world's biggest website for musicians at the very same time -- July 2005.  I always loved Mr. Knight's postings. Say hi to him for me, would you.  Thanks, blue2blue.


  2. Rick Beato has a vid where he breaks down the supposed similarities between the two songs and takes a look at some of the issues... In the wake of the Blurred Lines case, I figured we'd see a lot of bogus lawsuits coming up on 'sound and feel' and trying to exploit the manifest ignorance of the general public who fill jury boxes and the non-musicians who typically fill the judge's robes.
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