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  1. Do you by chance remember Lee Knight?  "LOCATION: (I'm in parentheses -- that's why you can't hear me.)" Coincidentally (or not) I was thinking of Lee when I posted, a moment ago to my own thread (where you kindly left a "Thank-You" this day).  The subject was "My Mom, Mitch Albom and The Very Thought of You"  and it was a re-capitulation of an entry made on my previous thread -- that was 'this close' to 500,000 "views" before the platform here had a little glitch that made it all disappear! You and Lee, I see, joined the world's biggest website for musicians at the very same time -- July 2005.  I always loved Mr. Knight's postings. Say hi to him for me, would you.  Thanks, blue2blue.


  2. Rick Beato has a vid where he breaks down the supposed similarities between the two songs and takes a look at some of the issues... In the wake of the Blurred Lines case, I figured we'd see a lot of bogus lawsuits coming up on 'sound and feel' and trying to exploit the manifest ignorance of the general public who fill jury boxes and the non-musicians who typically fill the judge's robes.
  3. I'm loathe to throw out anything that works (and a lot of stuff that doesn't). I like the idea of giving stuff not being used away to folks who can use them. But when the time finally comes to dispose of electronic gear, remember to do it properly, so as to help contain the heavy metals and other toxic materials typically involved. My city has electronic waste drives several times a year. (They also have shredder days but I always seem to miss them.)
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Could be an important bit of knowledge (or at least a link) to have tucked away.
  5. I'm a fan of Gaga's fine voice and her abilities -- though a lot of her contemporary pop efforts go right by me -- AND a fan of the stage/movie musical form. So I was definitely interested when I heard about this movie. And then I heard some of the music... Bleh. Banal, tepid, boring, hackneyed. It is, of course, only my opinion. But I'll bet I've seen more musicals on stage and movie than anyone else in this thread.
  6. I can see it... but a single click does nothing. A quick double-click DOES kick it into 'action' -- unfortunately that action is simply a spinning progress wheel (that can go on for minutes... perhaps aeons).
  7. Do you slip into a Scots accent in the chorus? Freaky loaf?
  8. Been using CW/Sonar since CW Pro Audio 6's early release/beta thingie. To say I was extremely skeptical of Bandlab buying it and flipping it to free would be a safe statement. But my attitude toward the old CW/Sonar had gone way south, anyhow. Like others, I found I could ditch the Bandlab online collab/sharing applet thing (though I may re-explore it in the future) with no problems. And, like others, I found the overall DAW to seem to work better and have a subtle but somewhat pervasive better fit-and-feel. I'd never felt comfortable in X3, having jumped straight from 8.6 (or 8.7 if there was one). But the BL/CW seemed somehow more promising and I plunged ahead wrapping my head around a few architectural changes. I'd been pretty frustrated by the state of the embedded help system in X3 (and before) and often found I had to go online to get answers about changes from 8.x to X3, anyhow. And then my X3 installation had become corrupted somehow and wasn't reading MIDI input correctly. My old, still-active copy of 8.6 still worked. And after installation, the BL/CW worked fine with my MIDI devices. So, overall, a win, from my point of view.
  9. I've had some form of on-demand paid subscription streaming since about 2005. I dreamed of online distribution even back in the early 1980s when I was in recording school and read an article or two on future distro (in that scenario, though, folks focused on sales of digital files). I hated the gatekeeper aspect of the labels and the limited and exploitative distro options we had for physical product in those days. At every step, some non-musician suit stuck his hand in the music creators' pockets. Deep. I've been on 7 services. I find online streaming to be, overall, the best music platform I have experienced. But that is NOT in any way to say that such services could not be greatly improved in many small and not-so-small ways. For one thing, the streaming paradigm directly underlines the lack of any meaningful, usable average level indexing system (like, say, ReplayGain, aka RG). Without that, you go from some 1930s track from the Boswell Sisters to the latest Skrillex and they might just be going to be peeling you off the wall of the room in back of you. The service I'm on, Google Play Music, is pretty good -- for me the best I've found (haven't tried Deezer or Apple) -- but they use 320 mp3s encoded by the Fraunhofer codec -- and it is simply not as good as LAME-encoded 320s (at the high quality setting) which I have demonstrated to myself via ABX testing of captured streams in which I could reliably differentiate Google's 320s from 320's capture from the old MOG service (whose 320s were encoded using LAME). The LAME stuff just sounded differentiably better. [You Tube Music, part of the package I get by subscribing to GPM, is an absurdly undeveloped package that simply cannot compete with GPM or probably other services -- but it does have video integration, where GPM's video implementation is simply YT vids in the search returns; clicking on one fades down and pauses the current stream and switches to the vid; when it's over, it switches back. (WHY can't they implement the same fade-in/out on regular pause and skip functions??? You have to ask Google. And, of course, they never answer.) Amusingly, I seem to have been inducted in some form of Google Help BB 'helper drone volunteer' program because I've answered a number of product questions their own official reps couldn't/didn't. But it's a laughable joke. I'm only in there because I'm incredulous that a 'smart' company like G can be so bloody clueless at times. I could go on (as old-timers know) but I have 3DW/realtime encumbrances to deal with.
  10. He could be a handful socially, particularly toward the end of his tenure here (although he and I were originally fairly friendly). But I try to separate an artist's work from his personal life and politics when possible. He was clearly a very talented and knowledgeable musician and composer. And he is certainly missed.
  11. Last time I bought DVD blanks, a few years ago, they were cheaper than CDs at that store. It's just changing use patterns.
  12. Jerry Lee Lewis as Iago! Brilliant. The only thing better could be... the other Jerry Lewis as Iago. (Would that mean Sammy Davis Jr as Otello? The mind boggles.)
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