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  1. line6 rules. it sucks you get a rep for this: Hey. I paid $75 for one of these new. Amazing for the price. Louder than I wanted so it is going to my great nephew. It will be his first amp. His parents will be so happy.
  2. I can honestly say that the more I use the M13 the more I like it. I wish it had more channels. Six would probably be good for me. The programming is very handy and I have created logical setups that I can remember. Usually 1: a-clean, b-distortion, c-fuzz. 2: a-course, b-phase, c-flange. 3: Special effects such as filter, synth, vibrato, etc
  3. Got my pro in but not mounting anything on it until I get a couple more pedals in. I was going to mount two bricks under it but now it looks like I will need one brick and one power strip with individule adapeters. The worst thing about a pedalboard is trying to finalize the layout.
  4. I was also going to suggest a Roland SonicCell if you can swing it. You sometimes see them for a little over $700 new on Ebay and cheaper used. The cool thing is it sounds good, works as a computer audio interface, will play MIDI or audio files from a memory card, and lets you plug in a mic or guitar to your computer. That makes for a very handy all in one box for a laptop.
  5. Congrats. I just picked up an issue today with the intention of subscribing. I had been away from guitar for over 25 years. Now I'm learning how to play all over again. Being a true lover of synths I like the tech side of guitar.
  6. Hello. My name is Robert and I am a POD user. It started years ago when I got a version 1 bean to run a synth through. The sound was a bit gritty to I bought a cheap ART tube preamp to put in the chain and became very happy with the result. The combination of a Nord Modular Rack synthesizer and a POD gave me sounds that turned other keyboardists green. Then it happened. I upgraded to a POD v2, then added a Bass Pod. Suddenly that was not enough. Now I have a Floor Pod Plus, Bass POD XT Live, and a Spider Jam with a short board attached. The temptation for an M13 is about to overwhelm me. Is this where I come for help?
  7. Does this unit use the same coding for the chorus/flange/phase effects as the Floor Pod Plus and the Spider series? I've been using the Pod line for years with a Nord Modular Rack and love it. Recently I've gone back to playing some guitar and cannot quite dial in the sound I want for those effects.
  8. It could be the band that needs to adjust. There comes a time in a bands evolution when the PA becomes the main sound source. The louder individual members are on stage the harder it is to get a good mix out front. Plus, in 20 years your ears will thank you.
  9. Hey, thanks. This gives me a good start. I'm building a wish list and I think the Dunlop 535A multi-wah will be at the top of the list. I want a clean chorus that can really stand out, and a gritty flange/phaser. I'll research those next. I'll also start looking into the Pedaltrain and the power supplies you mentioned.
  10. that's a lot of questions. LOL. Yes it is. I've actually been browsing the forum quite a bit lately, but I think that causes even more questions. You can pick one and just go with that if you wish. Maybe and easy one. What's your favorite Wah pedal? Why? oops. That's two isn't it? Ack. Now I turned it into three.
  11. I would like to mention something I really appreciate about the M3 line, the M3M. Lighter than a keyboard, more usable than a rack. A true tabletop workstation. It is a great way to refresh an old keyboard. I have a Fantom76 at my parents' house that is worth more as a controller than the current market value of an outdated workstation. When I visit for the weekends I take my M3M and connect it to the Fantom. From bedroom studio to back deck to parents' house to sitting in with friends. I can take the M3M and connect it to what ever keyboard is available. That gives me consistent sounds, splits and interface without having to carry a bulky keyboard. Not to mention the ability to work on a song at any of those locations or in a hotel room and keep the same familiar unit. Robert
  12. My request for those of us that skip versions. Is there any software included in Sonar 6P that is not in 7P? Cakewalk has always been good about setting up install disks so that on a reinstall you can put in old versions and only install extras that are not included on newer versions. I just wonder if I am missing anything by not having the version 6P disks. Edit: - to be more clear for all users so skip versions, if something was dropped in the transition from 6 to 7, in what version was it introduced? Example: The BlueMoon effects package (not a real package) was dropped in version 7P but can be installed if you have a version between 3P and 6P. By the way, I'm glad you are an actual Cakewalk/Sonar user. It makes things easier being able to read tips here and in SoS from someone that really uses the product. Robert
  13. Athan, first, let me just say, thank you. I asked that very question at Motifator long ago when I first got my ES and the answer I got was "when you save/load a song file you also save/load all patches". That was right after the ES hit the market. In early 2006 I bought the large patch collection from Motifator.com that had 8 different patch sets. (Bs Knees, Air, Pulse, Regenerator, etc...) After that purchase I posted a question asking if individual patches could be loaded and saved. The answer I got that time was that I have to use the software to manage patches and create my custom patch banks using patches from all those collections. No one mentioned what you just said, and no one corrected the person that posted that reply. I assumed it to be correct and gave up. Maybe they were literally corrects in that I cannot "load AND save" individual patches. Wow. I wish I had known at that time that I could load individual patches. I will dig in and try to figure this out. Thanks again.
  14. Have song and patch save/load functions been updatd from the ES. One thing that bothers me on my ES is inability to save and load individual patches without using a computer. I also wish there was a way to load songs without having to overwrite all patches in the process. It would be nice to have a storage area for 16 patches dedicated to sequencer channels that would load with the song.
  15. Thanks for the review Craig. You are the perfect person to answer my question. With the acquisition of Cubase by Yamaha I know they are working hard to integrate the Motif into Cubase while stating that they are not going to leave out other DAW's. What features of integration within Cubase are missing from users of Sonar and Logic. Robert
  16. The mixer in Session view is most like a conventional mixer, unlike Arrangement view, which has more of an Acid/Sonar/Vegas kind of feel. So, will the configurable mixer satisfy those who want Live to be a DAW? For some people, yes; for others, no. The improved metering is a big help in terms of knowing what's actually going on with your levels, and the "longer-throw" faders make it easier to dial in an exact value. I don't really care about seeing knobs -- fields work okay for me -- but if they make people comfortable, fine. ... I would like to address this point and your general sentiment behind it if I may. I’ve never noticed Live being marketed as a full DAW replacement, and after using it since version 2 have not considered that myself. Like you (I think) I consider Live to be a great tool for both live performance and quick arranging, but when it comes to finalizing a song I prefer to either export tracks from Live or rewire it to something like Sonar. However, go to a forum like KVR and you will see thread after thread of people asking for recommendations about a DAW and there is always someone insisting that Live is all they need and that Live can do anything that any other DAW can do. Then people take their word, go out and buy it, and then start complaining that it does not have full DAW features. I used to think the hoards of people making this claim must not use or need a real DAW with multi tracking abilities to finalize a song in linier fashion but this week I got “Albleton Live 6 Power” and the author states on the first page of chapter 1 “Live is a full-blown music production environment suitable for any artistic style. You’ll find all the features you’d expect from other digital audio workstations.” No wonder people by this product and expect to be able to finalize a complete CD or produce a surround sound move soundtrack just as they would in Pro Tools, Sonar or Logic Pro. I hate to see Live move in this direction. Both Acid and FruityLoops have followed this path and are turning into bloat ware. I know that software developers depend on updates to bring in continued finance and these updates is what drives software to expand outside of the initial focus, but software also tends to loose the market when it looses its identity. Robert
  17. A firewire question - I've been considering a Konnekt 8 or 24D for a couple months now but worry because I use firewire drives with my laptop. But, it just hit me that my MacBook Pro has both Firewire 400 and 800 ports. My firewire drive that I use for music is an 800. Does that get me around the problem of using the Konnekt and a drive at the same time? Are firewire 400 and firewire 800 ports seperately powered? Robert
  18. Any comments on how the built in VSTi support of Sonar 5 affects the wrapper in Project5? While using the wrapper with Project5 will I see multiple instances of VSTi's within Sonar 5? Is there a plan to update Project5 with native VSTi support? Robert
  19. Originally posted by DrummerCT I am wondering about Sonar user's thoughts about Cakewalk's approach to pricing for upgrades. ... My thoughts are "buy only the upgrades you need." I have used Cakewalk since version 1 and usually update every other release. So far I have Cakewalk 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, Sonar 1, 2, 3 and now 5. I skipped 4 because the metranome was the only thing I really needed, and a collection of Acid loops works just as well. Actually, I bought Sonar 4 when they offered the free upgrade to Sonar 5. Hopefully it will arive soon. No word yet on shipping. I also do this with other program such as Acid and SoundForge. Robert
  20. As an ending to a nice thread and great review I think it would be helpful to find a way to post any controller setups that users might submit. I know there are a lot of controllers out there, but there are also a lot of readers. Sure, it is easy to set up a controller, but I know that I am always looking for ideas. Someone may have a setup for the Korg Kontrol 49 (hint hint) or Emu XBoard (hint hint) with tricks that someone else may not think of. So, make that a submission of the setup and a description of the setup and use. Robert
  21. Originally posted by Marco Raaphorst Probably a lot of users will not agree with me, but I think a lot of the confusion is caused by adding new features which changes the concept of the program too much. ... I agree with you. Look at what has happened to FruityLoops over the past two years. It evolved from being a nice rhythm machine to a DAW. The problem for me is I don't need another DAW and FL will never compete with Sonar. Same with Acid. When vs. 4 came out with MIDI and VSTi support it almost killed the product. I never heard so many complaints about a bad implimentation of a new feature. Maybe they got it right with 5 but I am almost afraid to look. I wish all these great little mini-studios would stop trying to be full fledged DAW's that support every format and every way of making music. Robert
  22. Originally posted by Anderton If you've been using Live for the past four years and you've done all the upgrades, then it's basically cost what, $200-$250 per year? That's really not an unreasonable price to pay for software that has undergone major improvements, like the elastic audio and MIDI recording/editing. $200-250 a year is not bad if that is your main instrument. I'm hit with upgrades for Sonar, Project5, Live, Acid, Reason, etc... At that point I have to pick and choose. Other than playing live, Ableton Live is nice for quickly hashing out songs. But I quickly hit a wall and have to move to a real DAW for true linear editing. Acid gives me the the control over individual loops that I want by allowing me to cut and rearrange them in ways that I cannot do with Live. On the down side for ACid the one loop per track format drives me crazy. Sonar allows me to stick various loops in a single track, which I love, but it is not as easy to minuplate those loops. And for me, Reason will continue to loose value until they develop a polyphonic pattern sequencer. Because of that I use Orion Pro much more than Reason. And buy the way, Orion Pro is another program that released an update this year. Luckily the upgrade from 4 to 5 is free. So until I find that one perfect app, which will probably never exist, I will continue to use multiple programs. And if the music I made last year did not suddenly turn bad because some of my tools released an upgrade, I guess I can use those same tools one more year. Robert
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