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  1. Said to be Andy Warhol’s favorite movie. I watched it on YouTube and LOVED the eerie soundtrack. He had to do this stuff orchestrally. I don’t think synths were used in movie soundtracks in 1962. Ahead of its time. It turns out Kay was nominated a few times for Oscars in the 1940’s. There is a large credit in the film. I’m not sure what it refers to. Electronic Harmonics by I.F.M. It’s a grade Z Sci-Fi flick w/ great sound effects & music. Maybe Blue Man Group got their costumes from this flick. There is an early scene w/ some humanoid dead ringers for them — drenched in blue. It has a sex-robot scandal scene too. The protagonist’s sister has taken a humanoid boyfriend. The human hero is disgusted by her lustful behavior.
  2. 2 original New Year’s songs. I post them every year. So here they are again. Happy New Year everybody and Bonne Année Bonne Annee ! Here’s To Your Health (Who Knows where we might all end up tomorrow?)
  3. D-18, D-28 are famous for Bluegrass. As for me, I’d want a J-45 or J-15 in that order. . You’ve got to find one that sounds right and they’re not really Bluegrass guitars. I always wanted a J-45 though.
  4. Nothing new from me. There won’t be for awhile. Here’s one I posted a while back. Probably my my best guitar playing ever. Too bad I drown it. out w/ my clumsy piano playing. It’s called PARK THE CAR i’ll be Back to review everyone’s later on.
  5. It would be in the Lieber and Stoller or early Atlantic catalogue — definitely in mono. This one always got my vote. This is my Abby Road. There is so damned much happening here. You year every Note, every voice, every beat and it’s all perfect.
  6. Transcribing some James Bond theme songs to Jazzmaster & classical guitar. (Moonraker, Thunderball, From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice). Basically soft Bossa Nova style w/ Jazzmaster as melodic instrument in lower register. String pad in background - of course.
  7. A tad younger than 82. I do own a Jazzmaster though w/ 65 style pick-ups - if that’s a clue. They are a thing again from what I understand.
  8. I love the Bakersfield songs & records. But listening to a Telecaster bridge pickup today is like driving an ice-pick into my brain.
  9. You got better recordings than I did - back in the day w/ that thing. That’s a good recording. I remember buying my MMT8 new and trying to reload sequences in it w/ a tape cassette. That was before Alesis came out w/ a disk drive for the machines. 64k barely gave you enough data for a song - let alone a full live set. The HR-16 was pretty loaded w/ useful loops though.
  10. You made good use of it. Alas, I have no recordings I made w/ mine. Ha! I was wrong. I found one. You May recognize a stock loop I embellished upon. BOSSA PARISIENNE
  11. Alesis HR-16 I used it side-by-side w/ its sibling the MMT 8 sequencer. What fun it was back in the day. Kawai K-1 &US- made Ovation acoustic-electric guitar. There was nothing I couldn’t do.
  12. IDunno - really fine guitar playing. Nothing from me for awhile unless I post one of my oldies. Sorry.
  13. I have no idea why. I just know every time I listen to stuff like this, it’s easy to for me to get really bored 99% of Records from the Beatles to the present. Lieber and Stoller hammer another nail into the coffin of modern music.
  14. Censorship is a growing problem. The censors should be rounded up, tortured and shot. Likewise those whom they would censor should also be rounded up and shot. But I do not recommending torturing them. It's against the law and it reflects badly on a compassionate society. In fact, the best solution to this very difficult and sensitive problem might be to arrest and execute everyone. It would be a way to make a clean break. A new broom sweeps clean you know....The logistics and little details, the who's, the how's, the when's, and where's, can be worked out after we've agreed on the plan above.
  15. Every I bought a lower-priced T last month. Everybody from my local repair guy to the vendor thought the T was the better choice in my case. I wanted to get the HP model. But I took their advice. I think in the Faded, Studio and Tribute line, the upgrade to HP is worth the money. In the higher-end LP's - I would stick w/T.
  16. Great article. I'm glad to hear about this. I've been using MIDI since before the GM1 standard was established. It rarely gets the credit it's due. I saw in the late 80's that MIDI could be the most liberating technology in the history of music. IMO, it has lived up to the hype. So I'm always happy to hear musicians give MIDI the short shrift.
  17. I don't find this design visually appealing. I am seriously looking at the offset 2014 model though. Online retailers are blowing them out at $799 to $899 - with case. That is a huge bargain for a new US-made Gibson.
  18. I'll be watching the prices of US-made Ovations, new & used. I've been wanting one.
  19. (Emphasis added by me) Chris Loeffler wrote: “I don't see the guitar disappearing from the lexicon of modern AMERICAN music anytime soon, †Not everyone lives in the USA. So what is going on in the rest of the world - for example - the high-growth markets in Asia? How much appeal does electric-guitar centered-music have today in India, Japan, S. Korea, Indonesia? How about West Africa & Latin America? Do Marshal stacks & Strats still have futures in those places too? I don't have sales figures. Maybe you do. From what I've seen & heard in my travels, the prominence of the electric guitar has receded internationally. Kids listening to radio are not transfixed by guitar solos so much as by digital prestiditgitatation of vocals on the airwaves. Synths & DJ's are becoming dominant in many parts of the world outside electric guitar-centric North America & some of retro-movements like Rockabilly in UK & EU. (2. Steel string acoustic guitars are still popular for singer-songwriters in Asia. But the electric guitar & its accoutrements - if they are on stage at all - are just one more instrument in the band. (3, The better synths today offer some realistic samples of electric guitars. It is more difficult to find a synth that can fake a strum rhythm on a steel-string acoustic.
  20. I really look forward to trying one of these out.
  21. Have you compared these to the JBL’s MKII 305,6,8 Phil?
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