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  1. Brian Eno for his approach to music, music recording/production and the way he would get various musicians who didn't know each other to interact by creating imaginary scenarios, sonic approaches, and general philosophy.
  2. He was such an innovative, talented, creative producer, someone who led the way for so many of us. He will be missed. But it's so great to hear that he was also such a class act as well.
  3. I don't use everything on a song in the same way I don't drive down the street using everything my car does. I mean, sure, I could honk, use my windshield wipers, have my hazards blinking, keep tapping on the brake and then the accelerator, lock and unlock my doors continuously...and do it all simultaneously. But why?
  4. Vocals: Ronnie James Dio Drums: John Bonham Bass: Cliff Burton Guitar: Randy Rhoads
  5. Guitars: Link Wray Bass: Berry Oakley Drums: John Bonham Vocals: Elvis Presley
  6. Here's more of a classic rock line-up that might be fun: Vocals: Janis Joplin Guitars: Jimi Hendrix and SRV Drums: Keith Moon Bass: John Entwhistle
  7. I'll be different and veer away a little from classic rock just because, well, why not: Drums: Alphonse Mouzon Trumpet: Miles Davis Guitars: Prince and Jimi Hendrix Keyboards: Richard Wright Vocals: Michael Jackson and Prince take turns Bass: Charles Mingus
  8. I actually did almost need a new tire last week. Got a nail in it. All good now, though. If we're expecting gear-related answers (because, really, most of my wishes are not physical things, particularly this year!), I will oblige: - Apple to release an iMac with Thunderbolt 3. And if the sleigh tips over and I find these have spilled out, I won't be upset either: - Some sort of UA Apollo interface, maybe the 8 or 16 one, with Thunderbolt 3. - A HD docking bay that is also Thunderbolt 3. - A DAW that is intuitive, does not crash, is easy to figure out and/or reads my mind, is easy on the CPU, never requires updating, and sounds like audio going through a Harrison console. - A new car that gets 30 m.p.g. and does well on dirt roads. - A school district that understands that kids, especially those with autism, need a stable environment, not a revolving door of aides. - A large big-beamed ranch-style house amidst the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking the Pacific with a jacuzzi. - A camera that can automatically focus on stars with pin-point accuracy instead of me having to do it manually (this is more for the sake of my personal convenience than anything else) and has no discernible noise up through ISO 100,000 and no hot pixels. - A live-in masseuse and an endless supply of massage oil. - A live-in maid. - A live-in gourmet chef. - An avocado tree.
  9. I've daisy-chained external FW hard drives together before and it's worked perfectly fine, although I would prefer a hub. Read this about the order that one daisy-chains the devices in the event that it applies to you: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/46231/does-daisy-chaining-firewire-800-and-400-cause-all-devices-to-use-400-speeds
  10. I purchased the book from Amazon. No, not the $100 version. It's a really good read so far, talking about approaches, abusing gear, with tons of different perspectives from different engineers and producers on almost every page so far. Fun read, obviously geared mostly toward rock and so forth, with a heavy love of old vintage gear.
  11. And this is often the nature of improvisational bands, such as the Grateful Dead. By their own admission, they felt like they rarely captured their magic in the studio. They weren't, after all, a studio band; their bread and butter was playing live events. Although never my favorite band, they are brilliant musicians who hit enormous creative highs (and perhaps other sorts of highs) when firing on all cylinders.
  12. Now have them do another study comparing the emotional response to 8-track tapes. That should be a far more dramatic emotional drop-off!
  13. Thanks. The ambient stuff I usually do is stranger sounding than this, and more improvisational, but I love doing this as well.
  14. I'm posting this for a friend, who has created http://www.buddhistphotos.com/ on iWeb. However, Apple stopped supporting this. He says that he has all the HTML files, but he's not the most tech-savvy person, so I'm really hoping that this is possible. 1.) Does iWeb allow you to have the HTML files? 2.) What is a good platform for converting iWeb to something else? EverWeb? These guys will charge for you to convert iWeb to EverWeb: http://www.everwebapp.com/support/iweb-to-everweb.html Alternatives to iWeb: http://www.cultofmac.com/101080/three-popular-applications-that-can-replace-iweb-one-to-take-you-to-the-next-level/ (SandVox at $77 is closest to iWeb). So is using a service like this good? Would someone even offer a service like this if you are easily able to obtain the HTML files? 3.) Is it advisable to continue to use iWeb to build the site, and host it elsewhere? How long would this be a viable option? Here's a description I found: "In your site publishing settings, enter the details of an SFTP service from a web host. There are thousands to choose from. This is going to be one of the simplest short-time solutions, but unlikely to be a good choice for the long term, because if iWeb is sidelined then sooner or later it will simply stop working. Apple will no longer provide support for it, declaring it obsolete. Chances are you’ll end up having to use different software eventually." http://www.cultofmac.com/100809/what-to-do-with-your-iweb-site/100809/ 4.) Is it possible to download his entire site, which is done with HTML, and then upload it to somewhere else where he might be able to modify it in an iWeb-like manner? What is good for doing this? I thought one possibility would be to either use his HTML files (or download his entire website) and then have him use SandVox to tweak and publish his site on GoDaddy or something similar. Does this sound sensible? What would be a good thing for him to do? Thanks for any insight you might have.
  15. No, this time it's not The Mercury Seven or Eleven Shadows. It's a collaboration with an old friend, Rae Dileo, who has been creating music under the name Meridian Dream for years, and is also the producer for Veruca Salt, Filter, and many others. Hopefully you like it. Meridian Dream "Yama" from the forthcoming release "Turiya Mind Dream", filled with heady electronic trance.
  16. Really cool review, Mike. And now....you really are making me want to read this book!!!!!!!!
  17. The bass is such an important instrument. It's the bridge between the drums and the rest of the instruments. Playing bass is like playing guitar and drums simultaneously.
  18. For Black Friday, we got out of the house....to go hiking. Eight mile hike, 1100 ft. elevation gain, beautiful day, gorgegous views overlooking the Pacific all the way to the rolling hills and mountains inland. Took it all in while eating a delicious sandwich. That's my idea of a good Black Friday.
  19. I saw Fleetwood Mac I think a couple of years ago, whatever the tour was where Christine McVie came back. That was a really great show. I was expecting to be good, but it was reeeeeeally good. That same year, I also saw a band from Georgia called Algier, who were also very good.
  20. Recently for some may mean in the last month or so. I figured for me, it was since this summer. Sigur Ros...well, that was the first time they had come to Los Angeles in ten years, I think. I have been waiting a long time to see them, and especially since I had just returned from visiting Iceland, I especially wanted to see them. Fantastic band. For smaller gigs, not really concerts, but small gigs, I've seen Sly and Robbie, Gang of Four, Algiers (from Georgia), and a few others recently, and all were very very good.
  21. "Recently" is relative, so I figured I'd leave it vague. This summer, I saw quite a lot of live music. I'd probably say the stand-outs would be Sigur Ros and, believe it or not, E.L.O., both at the Hollywood Bowl here in Los Angeles, CA. Sigur Ros was mesmerizing, often subtle, sublimely beautiful, and atmospheric, sometimes bold. E.L.O. was vibrant, and with the aid of the L.A. Philharmonic, made Jeff Lynne's amazing songs and insanely clever arrangements come to life. The latter was almost note-for-note from their albums, quite often, but it worked.
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