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  1. Just get frigginm Leslie for f's sake.
  2. Now that's good 'ol American ingenuity! Excellent idea, no more mouse pad falling off the side of my desk.
  3. Fantastic article. Thank you very much!
  4. The original AKG c12 capsule mics- how much are they used? Are they prone to failure? Are they a quintessential addition to the vintage Neumans and old RCA studio mics?Asking for a friend.
  5. 1970 Pre CBS mint custom color Fender Strat. I walked into Don Weirs Music City in North Beach SF when I was 22, and traded it straight across for a whizz Bang Fender Lead III. Dang me...
  6. Hendrix is the answer to this and any or all such GOAT questions.
  7. A littel; background would bee super cool for some , well, for moi. I scoured the i-net for the mic you listed, and didnt get too much on the original vinatge Mics you listed except that its a AKG? MY studio ( not "mine") has vintage Neumans and RCAs. OMG!..those RCA broadcast mics have gotto be the best ever! The ones they recorded all the old brodcasts with.
  8. Im thinking you need the head in order for the hoop to fit.I could try it with the top hoop and head, but too much of a hassle. Thanks.
  9. Drum dru drum Drum...Drum dru drum drum Drum..2:47 P.M. Firday and I dispatched to HC drum forum for a possible 211 in progress.... Bill Gannon; Want a bite of this sandwich Joe? Joe Friday; No thanks Bill Gannon ;Sure Joe?, wife made it special. Pickles and maynnoaise ..I love pickles and mayonniase Joe Friday; Thanks but no Bill gannon; Really ought to try it Joe..sure?
  10. So I know just about nthing about drums, and I acquired a 13" Pearl export tom. It has no bottom hardware or head. So I ordered a 13" hardware ring ( whats it called?), and it slips right over the drum. Does it need the drum head to stop it (I don't have a bottom head) , or did I order the wrong size? Thanks.
  11. something like a Bare Knuckle, Klein, Cavalier, Mare, etc. No Duncan Dimarzio etc.
  12. http://media2.giphy.com/media/wViS9n0RqN2/200.webp#2-grid1%5B/IMG
  13. Sir, can you direct me to a link that explains why this is happening to these legendary studios?
  14. *Have a set of Seymour Duncan hot P-90's. One is late 80's MJ wound SP903-b, the other is a Normal Sp90-2n. Trade both Duncans for one great normal wound P-90bridge or neck.Sell SP90-3b for $60.00 shipped. The SP902-n is $50.00 shipped. * Dimarzio DLx-90 P-90 Humbucker in cream cover- nice condition. One of the best Soapbars I have EVER heard in the bridge of a Les Paul Jr Spcl. Better than most any humbucker I can think of .I'm a huge fan of this P-90 and I am Only selling cause I have two. $48 shipped *Also have a Zhangligun A3 Chimecatser 8.1K pickup $43.00 shipped. Bought two weeks ago, but going a difefrent direction. Fat thick and dimensional overdrive sound-not harsh at all. less "twangy" clean. *Two Neodymium Strat pickups Entwistle $30.00 shipped. * Dimarzio Noisless Area-T Tele bridge Pickup in nice condition. $40 shipped. Hit me up, I have tons of references and pics. Trade offers for high end cables. Straps, Fender Tele Pickups. T
  15. The AD9Pro is in excellent 100% working condition with box and papers.These retail for 339.00 bucks at Musicians Friend 185.00+ 10 shipping The Uber is New in Selaed Box.These retail for 239.00 at musiciansd friend.Looking for 180.00 Looking for an old Rat, or trade both for Civil war fuzz.. Looking for a Tech 21 Boost DLA newest Version + cash or trade. Hit me up I have tons of pics , and references.
  16. ha, who isnt. Eevryones looking for a sunn. Thats like saying your looking for a hot chick,.
  17. 4x10 open backed Cabinet for high Gain? Loaded with heavy duty eminence speakers, not Jensens. Preposturous?
  18. is yourAT-1 black , and f spaced? I have a JB. Actually, might take a regular spaced , long as black.
  19. I have a Two Position 3 Pole Mini Toggle Switch . Its supposed to switch in/out a 7 way wiring scheme I have on my Strat . Basically, I have one lead going to the 5 way switch, and one going to a Potentiomneter. What are the three poles? what is the middel pole on the switch? http://i.bosity.com/acimages_cache/270/10008479/1290000011335164428_10008479_1_image.jpg
  20. So ya bumop up the mods on a pedal and call it a marshall in a box. ya create a certian treble boost and call it a blackface 65 in a box. What a croc! A good overdrive is only that and nothing more. Actually, I find the Box of Rock actually does punp up the high mids of my real Plexi, and the Rustdriver pumps the l;ow mids, and makes the Plexi sound great at lower volumes, but are they really Plexi in a box? hell no. Actually,. Id give accord to the Rockett Animal. Thats maybe one of the few that maybe mimics the response architecture of my Plexy..maybe there are others, but by and large its BS.
  21. So like what about this pedal. I thought it really did get some of the vibe of a real '65 Deluxe, and I play through an old 65 Deluxe at the studio.. But can pretty much any good overdrive pedal ( kinf of tone, etc.) get just as good of a overdrive sound? is the "65 blackface -in-a-box" thing more or less a gimmick?
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