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  1. Thank you for the sit rep Craig...and Best of everything to you.
  2. We used to call it the ‘fart bass ‘ sound. This question came up months ago...The Firm’s bassist utilized the fretless bass on Radioactive...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv2bQSIbteQ https://www.fretlessbass.com/music-s...perfect-beast/
  3. The Weeklings, These guys are local to my area, Trenton , NJ , NYC and Philly. saw them quite a few times over the years...most recently May 17th New Hope Winery. they never disappoint and like some of the better Beatleseque Band they don’t Do costume changes . I know this ‘live’ version of ‘It won’t be long’ has been enhanced, but what the hell..
  4. Whoopsie...I meant ‘Attic Room’ I think his vocal phrasing style would work well.. craig seems to accentuate every syllable in his vocals, ...just my humble opinion, but I think it would be a good cover tune for him.
  5. I totally love everything about this song ...Reggae,rythym great lyrics, smooth as silk vocals with a touch of sadness in the voice, If the Beatles ever ventured into Reggae ..it would be comparable to this. If this song was recorded with a good reggae drummer to fill in the usual spots ( oh, and a good live bass) oh Lawdy.. this is TV theme stuff..If anyone watches Hawai’i 50 they always open with a Reggae/ Island song. a movie score too. but I am thinking of Z.Malone playing this in any local club, with a good backup band..It reminds me of my bar band in the 80’s -90s..we played Rock/Reggae...original tunes in this style, plus, Marley and Police covers. Z Malone..I am gonna learn this song. I am bowled over with awe.. I try to listen to new stuff, I push the button and listen..and most times, I am less than impressed..but, dang.. this song caught me by the gonads..
  6. Like ‘Shooting the Pier ‘..Jeff, 👍
  7. I like that One Mark, heard it awhile back. I know that Craig Anderton likes to cover your songs...I think his vocal sound would work well on that tune.
  8. Oh, and Phil..thank you for your early hour vigilance of protecting the Post(s) from Spammers... Bravo Zulu. It’s in your blood as a Marine, this is what you do. Semper Fi 👍
  9. Ooops, now don’t I feel like the azzhole..thanks Phil and Mea Culpa, Ikthus.
  10. I check this site 2-3 times a week..If I can add something of interest or comment on someone else’s post, I will
  11. Don’t want To derail this thread, but I just spoke to my ‘personal concierge’ or ‘Gear Guru’ lol @ Musicians Friend And they are not on ‘preorder’ with them yet. But he said just as soon as they are he will put me on thé preorder..to make sure I get them.. when they are available I will order the two..The Eisenhower Fuzz and the Breakdown when I get them, I can try them out keep ‘em or send one or both back if Not happy.
  12. Dude..you are just a font of good info. Thanks for the link.👍
  13. Thanks Bieke, if you try them before me, please give me a Sitrep.
  14. RIP Dick Dale..like you said Jeff..rough couple of weeks for our musical Heroes leaving us...sadly it will continue as age creeps up on all of us.
  15. So Bieke..according to Mats..the Dano pedals will be available in the Retro finish..? If so, I am going to pull the trigger.. I recently joined Facebook after totally fighting it for years... got gig offers from old band mates.. going to start slowly wading the waters again. seems daunting. Seem like I have developed a bit of agoraphobia without noticing.
  16. Thanks Mats...especially for the Danelectro coverage.I lust for those two pedals...
  17. Much love to him and the entire ‘Wrecking Crew’ ..that select bunch of studio Musicians were the backbone of SO many hit songs we all grew up with.. Gotta say though, of all the Luminaries of the Wrecking Crew...And Good God, I love/loved them all, Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye were the two whose talents I focused on the most. RIP Hal Blaine
  18. I agree 100% Phil, there was a hella lot of stuff out of kilter, and since ‘Deeks’ Had virtually no input, nor Freddie, it was a good deal of conjecture, Fairy Tale, and how Roger and Brian wanted to remember, or how they want to be remembered. I love Roger Taylor, he is an amazing drummer, singer and arranger,,,but his song, ‘I’m in love with my car’ was NOT a single release song.. IMO it would have been dead in the water as soon as it set sail.
  19. Phil, They were amazing, not so well known, The war Memorial Bldg. now called Patriots Theater is still an amazing venue, built when Trenton was a thriving Industrial City, so no expenses were spared..The acoustics are stellar. I think I made mentioned we were ‘patted down’ by Security outside..they confiscated our Doobies and our Wine Skins, and we were just incensed! first time that ever happened..and I’m fuming and complaining ‘Is this gonna be the future of concert going?’ haha
  20. Yeah, Dendy..I loved Rami as Freddie..right from the get go..turns out he is a first generation Egyptian to the US, Just as Freddie was a first generation guy from Zanzibar to Britain.. . As I mentioned in a prior post, I saw Queen on their first US Tour ‘ Sheer Heart Attack’ ..mid 70’s @Trenton NJ War Memorial bldg. they appeared with Kansas and Mahogany Rush. I became an immediate Queen fan right from the get go.. I used to watch the guitarists of most bands I saw in concert, but Freddie and Roger Taylor were the guys that stood out for me..John Deacon and Brian definitely rocked, but Freddie was King ( or Queen) and I never heard a set of drums sound like an orchestra before ..Go Roger.
  21. I have always loved them...I really enjoyed seeing them fronted by Paul Rodgers IMO one of the best vocalist in Rock with a magical stage presence.
  22. Bieke, a little OT ..but do you know if the Danolectro pedals you posted on your NAAM thread will be coming out in that retro relic Casing? Tried looking , but got nowhere.
  23. Thanks for wishing me ‘into the Cornfield’ Phil...I deserve it. I have a pic of my band playing with the butchered Fender..but I can’t find the CD cover ..when I find it...I will post both.
  24. [QUOTE=bieke;n32469414] glad I could help ! I want : a Panoptigan a MicroFreak a Tele tenor the Fender Electric XII the Milkman JHS amp 61 SG with sideway vibrola Neumann headphones Beetronics Swarm [/QUOTE] Did I ever mention the story to you about how I butchered a pristine 1966 Fender XII in 1979? well, here goes.. bought it for 15 dollars and a small bag of weed from a Musician friend. i lopped off the node on the headstock and the bottom part of the body..put a telecaster bridge on it..I turned it into a six string.. I filled in the holes of one set of tuners with doweling. Russ Ballard of Argent was playing a Strat that he had modded..it had space age holes drill through the body..I tried to emulate that look with minimal success. I painted the body with Candy Apple red spray paint. I was playing it in a bar gig ..the bar door was open and I saw a Hassidic Dude standing outside.. when we went on break he waved to me to come out.. He asked me if the guitar was a F XII. I was wondering how he could even recognize it after I had raped and violated it? It still had the tortoise shell pickguard, and the original PUs. He asked me if any other original parts remained.. I told him the case, the bridge, and the tuners were in the case. He offered me 125 bucks.. He picked it up next day @my House..turns out he was a Rabbi visiting family and he was from Montreal Canada.. About 6 months later he sends me a CD of his band..The Fender XII is the CD cover, beautifully restored, original sunburst finish. He signed the CD and wrote, ‘You are off the hook from Fender Karma Retribution.’ I like to start off this story as; ‘ A Rabbi walks into a bar...’
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