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  1. As Felipe said, the Reaper built-in pitch correction plug-in 'ReaTune' should be good enough for you to get by. Another better but fairly affordable plug-in would be Waves Tune or Tune LT, they usually have them on sale for around $30.
  2. Interesting issue. How old are the strings? Are they new? It's possible for a older strings to lose volume and sound less crisp over time.
  3. I haven't done any singing wearing a mask. But in general I have an easier time breathing while wearing a basic surgical mask as opposed to a cloth mask.
  4. Phil doesn't seem to be active on the forums anymore. But I'll try to give you my feedback on it. I think it sounds pretty good. Not much I would change. Maybe the boost the high-mids on the vocals to make it a bit more in front of the rhythm guitar. Something more of a recording/production decision, I'm hearing the rhythm guitar moderately panned to the right? I feel like you could get some more openness in the mix if you try hard panning the rhythm guitar and balance the left side using either a double or miked in stereo. Again, another production suggestion, maybe the second half could
  5. Hey guys, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. Hopefully this year will be better than the last (seriously..) I also re-released my song 'Winter' for this year. If anyone is interested in checking it out you can stream it here https://smarturl.it/daviekuan-winter Keep on singing and all the best!
  6. I think you might possibly be a tenor. Especially judging from your 'opera style' clip
  7. The way you sound to yourself in your head versus the way you sound in playback or recording is very different. This is basically due to the perception of sound of the voice being altered by the resonance and vibrations within the head cavity. It's a phenomenon that many novice singers experience. It's normal. If you listen to yourself more you will eventually get used to it. The playback or recording sound is actually closer to your actual sound.
  8. I don't think it requires a very powerful computer to record with acceptable latency. I think any computer with an Intel i5 processor equivalent or greater will be good enough. Both my desktop and laptop use i5 and the latency was never an issue. I get around 8ms of latency. Just make sure you use a decent audio interface with good and up-to-date drivers.
  9. There are some people need to play an instrument while singing to actually sing well. It can help the singer get a sense of rhythm. Sometimes they may be kinesthetic learning types and it need a sense of movement to help them. I myself am more of a kinesthetic learner actually. A good example of a famous singer who simply needs to play their instrument while singing is Diana Krall. I think most of her records are done with singing and piano together at the same time. Similar to what DM mentioned, an instrument can also be a pitch guide, it helps to at least hone in on what key you are sin
  10. Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. Haven't made a post or released a new song in a while. Just wanted to share with you my latest track called "Lonely Haze". SONG LINK
  11. Interesting vocal, pleasant tone. The glissando into the notes can be an interesting style, but can become overdone and get tiring to listen to. I would recommend working to hit the notes more without sliding onto pitch. Aim directly at the intended pitch. See how that works out.
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