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  1. Thanks for the input everyone...looks like I'm not risking much if I grab one cheap. 😁 Oh...and my son is studying to be a sound engineer..I figure I won't interfere with that...could come in handy when my career bursts into life...one day...maybe....if I work alot...(harder 😟).
  2. That looks lovely! And a great accidently discovery! That's a great way to stumble over a beauty like that! Gratz!
  3. I remember being impressed back in the day by the Tanglewoods I tried before I got my first guitar. Recently I seem to remember something about the company completely changing (quality, manufacturing process..idk!?) Anyone know anything about this? (Looking for a first guitar for my son and there are a lot of Tangkewoods up for sale).
  4. Brindleleaf


    Oh gratz! That is a GREAT gift! Enjoy every moment with that thing! (Talking about the guitar, not your wife of course...🥺).
  5. Thing is, I only paid 85 euros for it...and could easily get double that if I sold it... but I find myself picking it up more than any other right now. Got to enjoy that enthusiasm whatever the 'price' of the guitar.
  6. There's something about guitars without pick-guards...really like that look. Yours looks great to me. I'd always heard good things about Pacificas....this one is really growing on me.
  7. Okay good..yep the nut action seems fine according to what you said. I wonder if the kind of 'floaty' feeling might be because this Pacifica is the first guitar I've ever played that has a tremolo....does that 'give' a bit during bends and vibratos?
  8. I just realized that 'strings floating around' sounds really bad...but it's not...makes me play LIGHTLY...which is interesting.
  9. Yep...I came across an old 412 Pacifica a few months ago, I was planning on selling it....but it looks like it's going to be a keeper. I DO wonder about the nut...I've only got slinky 9s on it and the A and low E string aren't even properly in the slot (see photos), which makes the strings feel like they are floating around... I'll be getting some files from stewmac I guess. I mentioned in the NGD thread I made that it's the first ever strat I've played..and to be honest, it doesn't sound especially stratty when I play it. Not sure why...does anyone know anything about the PUs in the
  10. This^^^! (I didn't get a Guild, but have 'accidently' picked up three used (but sweet) guitars in the last year. Honestly, I kind of agree with everyone in this thread. Yes... there's a kind of apathy...maybe that's what is supposed to happen as you get older and the thrill of connecting with people online has become more commonplace (and we actually don't need advice so much). And yes, regret the old place (and my old threads). I now spend a LOT more time playing/practicing and much less talking about it...so that's probably a good thing. The excitement has shifted there.
  11. Honestly...I have very little experience with different guitars. I have three electrics now and two acoustics... And I've only ever play a couple more. I find that they grow on me. The more I play them, the more natural they feel... Strange perhaps to say, but my favourite guitar is my 138 euro Harley Benton telecaster. Now I have set the action, I REALLY enjoy playing it...
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