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  1. Hiya katopp! Last time I heard from you, you were happily ordering custom-made guitars straight from Vietnam! What you doing with a beat-up Yamaha?!
  2. Wow...Freeman! There's someone I remember from way back! 😁 First off, that repair looks great! And secondly, hearing stuff like this makes it seem so much more natural to actually tinker with things on my guitars (that may NEED a bit of tinkering).
  3. Wow... That is a sweet guitar GRATZ! And good job on the cigarettes...(talk about Win/Win 😁)
  4. I've only had five guitars total... A Guild Gad-25. (a lovely guitar that I recently swapped for the Ibanez). A Vintage V300 - that I gave to a friend once I got my.. LAKEWOOD D1 (I love this thing!). Then my first electric a Harley Benton TE-52 NA (about $150..for a really cool Tele! I think this was a very reasonable first electric). Now the Ibanez AK-95. So yes, second electric ever... I'm still fiddling around with it to figure it out exactly...getting clean jazz tones and something a bit creamier...
  5. That's a great story, and I think you made exactly the right choice. You've made that guitar into something special. 'Budget' guitars are just as much fun as expensive ones if they play and sound okay. The first guitar I ever got rid of was a mostly laminated Vintage V300... I still think about that guitar! It was such a sweet guitar to play...enjoy yours!
  6. 10 euros doesn't seem too expensive! thanks!
  7. badpenguin and emory...thanks for the advice...that is good to know. Do you guys have any sounds of these things that we can listen to? All the stuff I find on Youtube is Les Pauls ...not a hollow body in sight.
  8. Good to know thanks, or Emory's sharpie technique.
  9. Hi Emory! (Haven't seen your name since I used to hang out in the acoustic section YEARS back πŸ˜€). Well...I 'paid' a Guild GAD-25, which was a lovely guitar too (but I play my Lakewook much, much more often tbh). Glad to hear good things about this guitar. I think I'm going to keep the PUs as they are for the moment, since they are already a new, interesting sound for me, and I think my next purchase will be a Tone City King of Blues overdrive...BUT...I will keep your suggestion in mind...are you talking about the Stewmac Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers? If so, do you mean the Alnico 5s, or 2s?
  10. 😢 damn...! So basically people just do whatever they want! Or whatever has (unscientifically) worked for them...okay I can do that! Looking through this whole thread, I'm getting the impression that taking care of a fretboard is perhaps less finicky and/or less important than I had thought. Personally I've used linseed oil.....very sparingly, and only once every few years when I notice that the fretboard is looking a bit 'faded'. Why linseed oil? Because,I have some in the garage! (I think I may have some tung oil around somewhere too..). I'll add the disclaimers that... 1) I'm not super-duper paranoid about my guitars 2) I'm happy to change if I hear a consensus (that makes sense to me πŸ˜›and isn't too complicated /expensive). 3) I'm still pretty much a guitar noob....Ibought my first maybe ten years ago. (So in not encouraging anyone to copy me).
  11. Wow! That is a nice line-up! (Makes my fingers a little itchy though ! 😯)
  12. Thanks guys. In fact, when I got it, the intonation wasn't quite right so I was gong to be moving the saddle anyway, so I just took it right off so I could clean everything properly.... ...of course then it breaks down to two pieces and then I needed to fiddle around to get the action right too. On the other hand, that's the best way to learn...just dive right and make a mess! πŸ˜€
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