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  1. Lol! Even THIS is better than deep deathly silence. I salute you all! 😛
  2. Thanks everyone...lots to check out there. Honestly, I have nothing against brick and mortar shop... except the price! Over here in France, buying second-hand from internet is so much cheaper than 'real' shops. Apart from guitars, I had my nose rubbed in this the last time I bought strings from a shop. I looked on Amazon, but decided to support the local guitar shop...trouble is, they didn't have the strings I wanted. The salesman said "Let me just check" and typed away at his computer...the problem for him was that I could see the reflection of his screen...and he went straight to A
  3. Yep, I saw that...seems a bit expensive to me. I don't really like the idea of going through a shop if I can avoid it.
  4. I haven't talked that through with in terms of budget. 200 euros (300 Canadian) can get you a reasonable use guitar I imagine. Sheesh I got that Seagull for less than all the way over here in Europe. Are used Seagulls, Norman's and Simon and Patrick's cheaper in Canada do you think?
  5. Hi all, I have a friend who lives in/near Edmonton in Canada, and who is interested in getting started with the guitar. Unless there are some remarkable deals on right now, I think she should buy used. I know a fair bit about how/where to buy in France (or NZ), but nothing about that strange Northern Giant called Canada (even though I just snagged a used Seagull s6!). Any advice about sites/ways of finding and buying a used folk acoustic would be much appreciated.
  6. Lol. The sad price of a life of deception andpumped-up pride, I guess 😟
  7. I have two ads for Zager sitting right there above these forums as I write this 895$...😐
  8. Damn...I haven't been through the VOM1T stuff for years now...I'd forgotten how much I like it! Deepend, it's great hearing your original stuff. Very poetic and lyrical. And like Garthman's song, both are really authentic in the way you two deliver them. Kwakatak - really well done. You make it sound sweet and look easy 😁 Gil..I haven't heard you for years, and your voice surprised me. For some reason I thought you had a Neil-Youngy voice. This register really suits you. Nice work. And Catscurlyear, I'm kinda jealous...that singing voice seems to come out so easily (ev
  9. Happy New Guitar Day! Enjoy the rush! 😁
  10. Oh....a " {censored}LOAD of information"....that the type of moderation you are talking about? Also, thinking about it... apart from playing online chess, this place was one of the first where I signed in everyday and talked to people (the same people) every day....maybe it felt so special because it was so novel?!
  11. Yes, I see what you are saying. The thing is, I've never even noticed the moderators (guess I'm just too nice and polite (read boring 😁)), and despite hearing about AGF over the years, I don't think I have ever been there and don't know what it's like. When I talk about rethinking what people want from this place, I guess I mean two things.. 1) There is a {censored}LOAD of information on stuff here that is worth reading even though it's old. I end up here often via searches in Google. And maybe we've done 'Bridgepin Witchcraft' to death and need to rethink what purpose this sit
  12. Damn! That's really good. Really enjoyed it. Makes me think I'd better practice a bit more....Sheesh. Everyone sounds great...even the invisible bass player...!
  13. Thanks! Guess what...I freakin LOVE it! The frets seem tiny and demand a lot of precision when I do barre chords, but this thing sounds absolutely fantastic. Not sure if its just the cedar tone or that it has aged especially well, but it Knicks my socks off (and I'm playing it next to a 1000€ Lakewood)!
  14. Great idea to bring this place back to life. I'll start looking inregularly. Cheers.
  15. Hmmm...maybe we need to ask what people want from this place. I discovered it just after I bought my first guitar...and just soaked up a lot of info and ideas. Sometimes I forget just how much I have assimilated from you lot. Today I picked up a slightly scratched, but lovely-sounding Seagull S6 (Happy NGD to me!😁). Talking with the owner over a coffee before leaving, I was comfortably familiar with every kind of guitar-related topic that came up (tone woods, string gauge, things to check when buying a used guitar, playing styles etc etc). A LOT of that came from stuff I have read again and ag
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