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  1. Yep I understand, but.. If a beginner asks me what chess opening he should play, I could say "Bah...there are a vast number of openings for every type of temperament and situation! It would depend if you absolutely need to win the game or not; Some people love attacking others like defending. Some like dashing open games. Some like closed maneuvering games. Some prefer semi-open. Some you need to memorize a vast amount of theory. Others you can basically hack your way through a forest of unknown possibilities." Actually I might say that...but then I would add.."Try these few openings
  2. Wow...all these last three posts are interesting and I totally understand what you are all saying...but For me it's a bit like going to a Honey connoisseur convention and listening to people talk about the qualities of Honey that is made only from flowers of the acacia tree vs high altitude spring meadow flowers. It's fascinating to listen to, but beyond me. In the video there are pretty clear differences between the strings...still hard for me to imagine which ones I would like better. It's like when my wife says "I think we should repaint the hallway. Maybe this blue? Or perha
  3. Thanks for the ideas everyone...got a bunch of new strings on the way. I'll get back to you as I try them...going to take a while One of the things that has really struck me is how ridiculously bad I am at listening! I listen to a video of one type of strings and think 'Wow...that sounds good', listen to another and thing...'hmm...that sounds good too'. Ask me what is different and I'd be STUMPED. It reminds me of tasting good wine with a friend ho was a professional in teh wine business. Him: "Can you taste the raspberry in this one?" Me: "Erm..nope" Him: "There i
  4. Yes, I understand that. I'm just taking this as a fun experience/experiment. I already like the guitar a LOT. so it's already better than 'good enough' I'm surprised how sweet it sounds even as I move right up the neck. Bar chords ring out. And this is with french shop-brand 80/20 in 10s. Will be interesting to see how it responds to other strings. The action is already playable. But I'm learning a lot from this whole discussion. And it's kind of the perfect time to try to figure out what setup I can/want to have. I'm not sure really low action is right for me. And I have the
  5. Actually not worried about particular brands. More gauge and bronze or PB or so on...
  6. SO...wait! I imagine this has been done to death somewhere here...but.. I've recently got hold of a Yamaha FG 04 LTD (my apologies to the people who have read this in my NGD thread). My only other acoustic right now is a VERY light Lakewood and I use 10s on it. Recently I started playing electric and using light strings there and found the sound of lights really fine. Then I stumbled over this comparison of 10s and 13s on an acoustic. Maybe it's just me, but the 13s sound kind of muddy and clunky (Warning the playing starts at 4:20!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y
  7. Okay I see. Apart from getting fretbuzz (which I don't), any other reason to have a bit more relief? I put the strings the seller gave with Bronze 10s. I play with 10s because my other guitar is really light and responds well to them. What gauge do people put on a dread normally? 11s or 12s? I'm kind of out of the loop. But I hadn't heard Bronze strings for ages, and find them different and interesting.
  8. Have I wandered into a long-running friendly disagreement? 😬
  9. Very interesting stuff. I'll get onto it once I have a longer / better ruler. Hope things go smooth for your operation...I had both knees done a few years back...
  10. Hi Deepend! I probably didn't explain it well enough. When I got it home the fretboard was bent backwards, and the strings (all) hit the fretboard! But I realised someone had tightened it to the max, so I just left loosened it off. Above Freeman mentioned that the relief measurements went too high, so I tightened it a little. So I CAN add more relief, but it sounds fine as is. Yes you put it right. It's a 'tad' high, but in fact that is especially true in the bass strings, and now it plays fine. (But with a high action 😁). I'm curious to know if it has a real problem, once
  11. Well, I've been butchering everything I touch recently (suddenly got FAR too much work after a terrible year 2020), so I'm not cutting/shaving/scraping anything for the moment.
  12. Okay, so found the long ruler! (Thanks Honey!) Thanks for that info Freeman. That seems surprisingly clear. So I WAS going to say... "So, there is a difference depending where on the fretboard I place the ruler. Near the high E string or between third and forth strings, the corner of the ruler JUST butts up against the corner of the bridge (but doesn't slide onto it). Near the sixth string it's about 1mm below the top of the bridge. You said "if the end of the ruler is much below the top of the bridge it needs a neck reset." is 1mm 'much' in your book?" BUT, I just adjusted
  13. Nope I guess I didn't really do what you asked...BUT...it's because I'm not sure I understand everything you are asking. "I imagine that "Where the fret plane hits the bridge" means 'take a metal ruler and continue the line of the frets to see where it hits/misses the bridge' Right Freeman? So I tried that...and it turns out I have a hump at the 14th fret exactly like Deepend mentioned. I can rock the ruler so it either 'runs into' the wooden bridge, or just perfectly slides on top of it (if I rock it to get the plane of the rest of the fretboard (that make sense?)." This was a
  14. I've only got lights on 10-46 or something, so shouldn't be a problem there.
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