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  1. Three years ago, I wrote about the many ways we can give the gift of music—from a concert ticket, to a fun piece of music-making software, to a musical instrument. And of course, those are all welcome gifts. But there’s also the gift of your music, because your music is indeed a gift. You’re giving of yourself—maybe your dreams, your frustrations, or how much you love somebody. You’re putting your emotions on the line, and giving people insights into who you are, the lessons you’ve learned, what you believe, and much more. You’re giving your listeners a piece of you. It
  2. This year has flown by, and we find ourselves in the US embarking on another Thanksgiving holiday. What a whirlwind year it’s been! A lot of things have happened, especially here at Harmony Central. As those of you who are regular readers know, I was asked to take on a new position this year as the Executive Director of the Gibson Foundation (now Gibson Gives). What I’ve seen in the last 6 months is how thankful people are to receive the gift of music. I recently had the pleasure of presenting guitars to Guitars For Vets, and it was an honor to place guitars in the hands of heroes.
  3. A few months ago, I wrote a Dear Musician entitled Involuntary Musical Imagery. In that article I referenced “earworms” of music that can make their way into your head and stay there, seemingly, long enough to drive you crazy. Ironically, sometimes I experience music so good that this earworm becomes an insatiable need to binge listen (or, in this case, watch) the music over and over again. Thanks to technology, YouTube recommended a video to me; and, like a sucker, I was drawn in. However, in this case, I was overwhelmingly shocked by what I experienced.
  4. In Charlie Daniels’ 1979 Grammy-winning song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” the Devil went in search of a soul to steal and came upon a fiddler named Johnny. It turns out that Johnny was a prodigy on fiddle. Seems there are those to whom playing an instrument comes naturally (almost easily), but there are others who really have to work at it. I know you probably know someone like this. I do. I could play a drum set the first time I ever sat down behind the kit. I intuitively knew how to play and was pretty decent at holding a beat in time. I never was a great play
  5. Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. In the recent PBS Ken Burns Country Music special, Vince Gill said something that I thought very poignant— “I just wanted to be inspired by music and, in turn, inspire others.” As most of you know, I’m a drummer (please don’t hold that against me, and no drummer jokes)! In my freshman year of college, we were returning from a long, hot day of college marching band rehearsal, and we heard a commotion from a nearby soccer field. This was in the
  6. by Anne Erickson Week of September 16th - 22nd Led Zeppelin’s recording career got underway, a reggae legend performed his final show, and one of rock’s most beloved alternative bands announced they were coming to an end. Read on for a look back at other significant moments that shaped rock and roll during this historically eventful week. Events 1960 – Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” tops the singles chart in the U.S. 1964 – Herman’s Hermits top the U.K. charts – the only time the band would do so – with their version of the Carole King/Gerry Goffin song, “I
  7. When it comes to bass players, there’s no denying the presence of fantastic female musicians in rock ‘n’ roll over the years. These women brought new philosophies and styles of playing to rock, alternative and metal, offering their own way to make the bass guitar sing and scream. In this Gibson.com feature, we pay tribute to 10 Great Female Rock Bass Players. As a bass player, I know there are countless others to honor. Who’s your favorite female bass slinger? Give us your picks in the comments! Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, the Smashing Pumpkins) Melissa Auf Der Maur
  8. I love this time of year! The days start to cool down, the leaves start to fall <SCRREEECH!!!> Who am I kidding? Here in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s been hovering in the upper 90’s since August and hasn’t let up—yet! This heat makes a man’s brain cook, and, in doing so, prompts a virtual stew of thoughts. As we do hope for cooler weather, and we are moving into full-blown fall, let me take a moment to say thank you for the fantastic response to the new platform at Harmony Central. People who haven't participated in years are returning to the forums. Having the forums simply wo
  9. In the Sonny and Cher song, The Beat Goes On, the lyrics read: Charleston was once the rage History has turned the page The mini skirts, the current thing Teenybopper is our newborn king The beat goes on, the beat goes on Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain! Even though that song was originally released in 1967, the song points out that some things change, and what was once in favor is no longer in favor. Harmony Central is now on its 5th platform (Vb3/4, Jive, Lithium, VB5, and now Invision). We gave you the scoop in the last
  10. Good points jbreher - I had not seen either of those versions but they did show in a google search. I wasn't certain they were the same story line or plot, hence not mentioning them. But that adds more creed to the points I make! Thanks!
  11. Julieguitar - You could use a Y split cable to bring both your click and the house through to your ears. I'll have to test this out, but I believe you would then have control of how much drums are coming into your headphones or in ear monitors. As for the overhead mics being used for the snare and hi hat directly - I spoke with the designer of this system and it is optimized to use as presented with the two mics overhead. There is, however, nothing that would stand in the way of your using them as you suggest. The price is so low, you could actually buy two and come out way ahead!
  12. Jeffery - I honestly didn't read these comments by Carmine as negative. I think some of the challenge is that he was mounting this in a much smaller than the average bass drum (14"), so there was probably more than the average excess cordage. I'll also add, that rarely does something get added to my kit that I don't have to do some minor modifications to either the product or my kit since kit hardware and shell depth isn't standardized. The take away for me from the review is that there is a very easy and low-cost solution to mic isolation and mounting for your drums and that is a cool thing.
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