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  1. I agree macken, I did have a Tele, and tried different pickups.......... to me single coils give the standard Tele sound.......... but hummys are ok
  2. It seems like this place has learned to discuss guitars and such in a much more congenial way. I left here myself years ago because of hateful and snarky comments. But it seems like its a better place now. I wish I knew more about Fenders to help you but I just dont.
  3. I dont have a strat, so my honest opinion is......... I dont know. And I hope this forum never bites peoples heads off, we dont need that.
  4. I upgraded the pickups on a MIM strat years ago, and it was better. Seymour Duncans I think...........
  5. Thanks everyone, all input is appreciated. Badpenguin named three of my favorite sized guitars.......... I havent played a strat in years, but I will just to see. Thanks again...........
  6. Folks, now that Im retired and play my guitars every night, and have learned how to adjust the action, now I have noticed things I never really noticed before. I play sitting down 90% of the time now, (vertigo, etc.) So whats the most comfortable design.......... I dont know, who has comfort, easy to play, sustain ect. I have several guitars that just gather dust, and several that I love,,,,,,,,,, I;m going tp try to list the things that affect my opinion of these various guitars....... 1. Where the neck joins the body affects upper fret access and also the reach to the 1st fret, I guess many guitars are a compromise. Ive gotten use to several different guitars and now I dont know whats best, but I can say that my 339 is very easy to play but sometimes I prefer a 335. I think that I should rest the guitar on my left leg, but cant after all these years of practicing with it on my right leg 2. The size of the lower bout affects comfort when sitting. Some days I kike the 339 size, some days the 335 size....... 3. The weight matters, Not too heavy, not too light........... 4.Hollow vs semi, big difference. Im liking the center blocks 5. Neck size matters. I like a thin u 6. Scale length matters. I like 24.75 7. Fret size matters, I kind of like med jumbo...... I wish there was an app where you could put in all your personal data, and your arm length ect, and it would tell you the perfect guitar for you!
  7. Yep its a DC, I bought it from a kid who works at GC, he thought I would like it, it was his own guitar he said, anyway I love it, don't need all the bling, but I love the action, the size, and the sustain.
  8. I love Gretsch hollowbodys too............. check out the Andertons videos on youtube........ mmmmmm yummy guitars............ But right now my D'angelico seems to play the best, and it seems to fit my body, I play sitting down now,.........and its the most comfortable of all my guitars.......but I still love the other other guitasr too......
  9. Folks, Thanks to youtube videos I have learned how to adjust, intonation, neck relief, and string height. Now my guitars play great! Theyre all semis and hollowbodys, and now the only real difference between them I guess, is where the neck joins the body, upper fret access, pickups, pots etc. For comfort Im now loving the D'angelico the best, but the others are good too. Something about the upper fret access, the fret size, the sustain........... It only says D'angelico Premier, bought it used for $600 I think,.......... Why do I love this D'angelico so much? Why, why why, the Ibbys are good, the Epis are good, cant afford a Gibson,,,,,,,,,,, got one Fender its good......... But why does the D'angelico have such good sustain. and frets........... why do I love it the best? (Don't tell my other guitars, I love them too, but....)
  10. What about wide fret wire vs skinny? My internet search says wide jumbos are for shredding, came out in the eighties. So then what would skinny fret wire be good for?
  11. I have a D'angelico with medium frets, and a Gretsch with skinny frets? What are the pros and cons of these different types? My internet search hasn't been conclusive. All opinions and points of view are welcome............
  12. Folks Im too damn old to stand and play anymore except maybe one song. Then I have to sit. What guitars are the most comfortable to sit and play? Im thinking 335s and 175s but I would like to hear other peoples opininions. Also I cant decide on resting the guitar on left leg or right leg. What do you guys think? Thanks, Dan
  13. It looks like a 335. Yesterday I tried to adjust the action on my Gretsch, and I cant match the D,angelico .
  14. Folks, what do you think of a Dangelico Premier? I got it used at a good price and it has great action.
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