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  1. Get the 22H instead 2 channels and the higher gain option
  2. Hope it was better than this (This is not fake by the way) [video=youtube;v-xUwDARVb4]
  3. Best Trem ever made I laugh at the people who say they are too much hassle "Like turning a few allen bolts once a month during string changes is too much to sacrifice for near perfect staying in tune" And you don't take all of the strings off at once when changing strings. You do it one at a time and no problems
  4. The 498T is designed with more mids than most pickups already Pretty decent output also @ around 14k
  5. Quit listening to FM radio Internet and Satelite is where it's at
  6. The Les Paul is superior sound wise to the SG in everyway. Thicker fuller highs Much deeper and fatter low end.
  7. Such a simple amp to use. Turn the knob and roll through the presets, simple as that. Then Turn the "Treble, bass, middle, effects knobs to alter any preset your playing on. Hold the button down to keep your changes permenent for that setting if you want or not.
  8. Nothin much has changed around here i see.....
  10. I'm bumpin' this Epic 92 page thread, to show how awesome HCAF used to be, before some {censored}tards messed it all to hell................
  11. Please, let the old guard go away. HCAF was a cesspool. 500 threads about satanz and teh pronz. Not everyone plays metal, stoned alone in their mom's basement or practices each week with a band that gigs 2wice a year. Good riddance. Players that wanted to talk about all kinds of amps, not just metal amps, were driven away and, were driven away by all the wannabes who thought Murdoch and Dolf were cool. So now, no longer a Cesspool of 500 threads about satanz and prons, just only 1 thread about nothing.......... Great improvement!
  12. Mesa/Kramer

    Cameron amps

    This listing (280374336459) has been removed, or this item is not available.
  13. One way will sound good, and the other will sound like S.H.I.T.
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