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Best album closer?

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Tomorrow Never Knows - Revolver

The Overload - Remain In Light

That Falling Feeling - Listen Now

Flamenco Sketches - Kind Of Blue

Vein Melter - Headhunters

Eat That Phone Book Coda - Angel's Egg (Gong) :lol:

At the end of the day

When there's nothing left to play

And you're all alone

'Cept for Radio Gnome

Here's your angel's egg for 

Breakfast in the morning... bye bye! 





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3 minutes ago, NOS68 said:

Burn Down the Mission - Tumbleweed Connection 

Good call.... though it isn't even one of my favorites from this incredible album - those would be Ballad of A Well-Known Gun, Amoreena, Son Of Your Father and My Father's Gun. Hookfoot made an incredible backup band for Elton. 

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The Beatles did it three times with "Tomorrow Never Knows", "A Day in the Life", and "Her Majesty".

"Won't Get Fooled Again",

"Brain Damage/Eclipse" (Eclipse was already mentioned but I consider these two to be a single song).

"Are You Experienced",

"Brothers in Arms" (even though it's not the best song on the album it's the perfect song to end with),

"I Am a Rock",

"You Can't Always Get What You Want".

Glad I thought of this in time to edit. "Moving in Stereo"

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2 hours ago, gismo recording said:

But the album closes with "Her Majesty" 

That's more like a hidden track and not part of the sequencing of the album. 

I wouldn't consider "Endless Nameless" to be the last track on Nirvana's Nevermind or "Disgustipated" to be the last track on Tool's "Undertow" for the same reason.  

But if you do consider Her Majesty to be the closing track of Abbey Road, then maybe the endless loop ("never could be any other way") is the final track of Sgt. Pepper's instead of Day in the Life. 


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