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  1. If it is already in the public domain wouldn't that mean that it has already been created? I'm in agreement that it seems to hang instrumentalists out to dry...
  2. Maybe I don't really understand the concept, but it seems to me that if we mechanically create all possible music and put it out in the public domain doesn't that mean that that's the end of music as an art?
  3. Doolin-Dalton/Desperado on Eagles Desperado album, kind of closed the story out naturally.
  4. Digital is little packages, I think that sometimes the packages miss tiny pieces. Analog is linear, it recorded everything warts and all. Sometimes the tiny pieces tie everything together. That's why live music is better than recorded music nowadays.
  5. Ibanez AF105 NT I sold it to purchase a Tele. I should have sold a different guitar. I still have the Tele and it is my got to guitar, but I miss that hollowbody guitar.
  6. More like, the HOPE of getting screwed....
  7. I have a Firebird Studio, 2018, that has a baked grenadillo fretboard. It plays nicely. My callouses really prevent me from noticing any real major differences from rosewood, or from regular maple, except it is not as slick feeling as a finished wood, definitely more like rosewood and ebony. Gibson also experimented with a wood called preciosa for fretboards back in the early 2000 timeframe. Smartwood Les Pauls had them.
  8. Man, that sure looks great and the video was nice, too.
  9. I like 80/20s becuase they are brighter and I play mostly fingerstyle.
  10. I like a Strat, but when I pick up my Tele, I'm home.
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