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  1. Seems like he recorded and produced everyone possible. R.I.P. indeed.
  2. I got exhausted just looking at everything. Much thanks Phil.
  3. They bought Cakewalk when it went under and distribute Sonar for free.
  4. They all look like Gibson copies.
  5. How can somebody try and sell something that unique and identifiable?
  6. Sort of. Over at GS in the new products section a long time Paris user developed a 64 bit ASIO driver for the system that he's charging $50.00 for. I guess this is good news for those who still have that system and still swear by it's sound quality. Details here....... https://www.gearslutz.com/board/new-product-alert/1245363-ensoniq-paris-64-bit-asio-driver.html
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