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  1. Every once in a while I'll hear some amazing playing in a Chet Atkins style and I break out a thumb pick and my Atkins book, hack away at it for a few days and then revert to my usual noodling.
  2. Also, my sound crafting is definitely a lagging element of my playing.
  3. It's definitely been a while since I messed with them . I bet they've come a long way!
  4. That is correct. Although it's still pretty minimalist. I think these modeling amps, despite claiming to be all things to all people pretty much sound like themselves, no matter what you do to them, at least that was the state of things when I got it.
  5. My main amp has been a Vox ad60vtx for over a decade. I think when I was trying it out I probably tried to get the best overdriven sound I could punched up, and then the best clean one. Funnily enough though I use a single patch I made for 99.999% percent of the stuff I play.
  6. For those working on their chops, I just came across this today. I've done a lot of similar exercises but this looks like like a really effective one!
  7. Ha! Too funny. I just adapted the main groove to a Stanley Jordan style two handed thing. It's halting and sucky and I can't tap for {censored} with my right hand, but it's a work in progress.
  8. Gotta give props to Christian rappers. Propitiation and substitutional atonement are not easy to rhyme!
  9. I've never considered key whatsoever. Maybe it might register subconsciously in some subtle way, but I've never seen any evidence of it. We were just putting a set list together the other day actually and trying to pick out all the categories we were going to sort by. Tempos obviously. Genre, because we're kinda all over the road there. I also consider energy to be distinct from tempo although I'd probably have a hard time describing it.
  10. That was completely off my radar, but with a little editing it would have made a great soundtrack for an '80s training montage.
  11. Really? It was ok, but I never thought that record lived up to their '70s stuff, most of it anyway. I was kind of a Steve Howe loyalist though. I do remember the issue of Guitar that was transcribed in.
  12. Oh, here's one! Very '80s! [video=youtube;Xqg82l8WniQ]
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