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  1. Ha! I remember those! They seemed really cheesey but they actually sounded good. I thought they were EVH strings.
  2. D'addario 10s on my main guitar. 11s on my backup which I never play. I guess those are a holdover from when I convinced myself tone was in string width. Should probably switch em back at this point. Who am I trying to impress?
  3. it's about the last thing on my mind, but I'd have to go with Rufus and Chaka Khan based on "You Got the Love" alone. Doobies, Benetar, Priest, maybe Biggie. I have no idea who MC5 is.
  4. I was playing along with some stuff from VH's Fair Warning the other day and realized I had been playing part of the solo to "Mean Streets" wrong for the past twenty five years. As I was fixing it I was once again blown away by how great that record sounds.
  5. Every once in a while I'll hear some amazing playing in a Chet Atkins style and I break out a thumb pick and my Atkins book, hack away at it for a few days and then revert to my usual noodling.
  6. Also, my sound crafting is definitely a lagging element of my playing.
  7. It's definitely been a while since I messed with them . I bet they've come a long way!
  8. That is correct. Although it's still pretty minimalist. I think these modeling amps, despite claiming to be all things to all people pretty much sound like themselves, no matter what you do to them, at least that was the state of things when I got it.
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