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  1. Maybe it's a difference in the area, but: I have played 8 paying shows over the last three weekends, one of which was virtual. Audiences were smaller (covid-limited), but present for the other 7. I have another 6 nights booked in early May, and I was offered a 6-night show in April that I had to turn down due to conflict with my daughter's wedding. I also have a few nights booked in June and October. Even better, I am scheduled to get the vaccine 1st dose tomorrow afternoon. It's not back to what it used to be, but it's coming back ....... slowly.......
  2. I just placed my order for a Axe-FX III. It's going to replace a whole rack full of stuff that I've had for years and years. It will be interesting to compare experiences.
  3. I'm not getting any stimulus checks - none last year, none this year. I'll also be writing a large check to the IRS on April 15. PM me for the address to send your thank-you cards.
  4. Over the holiday break, I decided to start playing around with some recording. I ended up getting roped into doing some large group mixes for a virtual benefit concert....and figured out that I'm in a bit over my head. I know the basics of how things function, but knowing what to do with them to make a recording sound good is where I am a stone-cold beginner. Below is a link to a really rough song that I've put together to us as a learning tool. What I'm looking for is an idea of what's wrong with this mix, and what I should be listening for to make it better. Nay and all input is w
  5. Does the switch plate look like this?: The number woul dseem to indicate that it's a 2x12, not a 4x12, and what you describe doesn't match up to a R212CB
  6. I like what you are getting from the Torpedo in your clips - what version are you using? I have a Torpedo Live that I have had good results with...
  7. They say: I have too much gear, and need to trim down my collection What they really mean is: I finally got a good amp and now realize how awful this thing really sounds They say: Mint condition, only occasionally used in my home studio What they really mean is: I got taken when I bought this, I refuse to be seen playing it in public, and want it out of my sight. They say: It's a real vintage beauty with tons of mojo What they really mean is: It's beat to hell and may not work for more than another 15 minutes before going up in smo
  8. With that amp, you can make almost anything sound good. The EMGs have a very characteristic sound, very good for high-gain metal tones (IMO). I would never mix an EMG with something else, as they don't mix well with anything else in my experience. Put in a complete set or stick with something more basic like a PAF-style passive.
  9. This is very helpful - should be on a sticky somewhere around here.....
  10. Pickup selection has more to do with what sound you want from it than what was there before. What amp do you.use with it?
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