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  1. Q: How do you get a bass player to turn down? A: Put sheet music in front of him. -As a bass player, I say....bring it on, ya pansies.
  2. "Find the Cost of Freedom" from CSNY - '4-Way Street' "There is a Reason" from Alison Krauss and Union Station's album 'Live'
  3. My shot is for 'Swingin' the Blues' by the Count Basie Orchestra. The subtlety of the mix on " Li'l Darlin' " is phenomenal to me. After that, I'd go for Sinatra's "In The Wee Small Hours" as a recording masterpiece.
  4. I wasn't aware of it but, thanks to you, now I am. Set to record for future binge-a-thon. Thanks for the heads-up!
  5. I stay far far away from Behringer. Too much IP theft in their early days for my taste.
  6. So no school orchestra can play Dvorak's "New World Symphony" (aka 'From the New World') because a theme from it was originally used for the spiritual 'Going Home'? Brian, by your argument, 'From the New World' would be banned. The lyrics aren't sung in Dvorak's interpretation either. I have issue with this decision - not from a religious or constitutional perspective, but from an artistic one. Virtually all music is influenced by the composer's identity as a person, including their personal history, their views on social issues of the day, their morality and their faith (or lack thereof). When one starts banning a piece of art (in this case, a theme without lyrics) because of its perceived intent, the next logical step is to view the composer in the same light. Next, Dvorak's other works could be judged by the same broad brush that currently paints Nugent or Bono as 'musical extremists'. The art is no longer the topic of judgement, but the composer is. I find this to be a distressing slippery-slope. The theme to 'How Great Thou Art' is a traditional Swedish melody. Adding the words was done long after the original melody was composed. I just find it troubling that a melody can be refused because of later additions to it (that aren't being used in the disputed presentation).
  7. I wanted to pass this along to the Drum Forum. One of my dearest friends, Steven (Bam Bam) Becker, drummer from the original Asbury Jukes, passed away yesterday. His talent was only bested by his genuine personality, his awful jokes, his lighthearted pranks and his unbreakable friendship. His touring stories with Southside Johnny and the Jukes and other touring acts would have me howling. His contribution to the proliferation of the Jersey Shore horn band sound changed the face of music in the 70s and 80s. Modern drummers owe a debt of gratitude to this fine man. See you on the other side, Uncle Stevie! Save me a seat at the Band Table.
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