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  1. I have two at the moment, a super-shallow 6-string and a full-depth 12. No problem with either. They have a very unique sound and feel, but they can definitely be made to sound good as a stage instrument.
  2. True, but you don't need ridiculous amounts of power to get a good clean tone with a guitar amp.
  3. Right here. For an attenuator, I love my Torpedo Live. It also gives me a great cab sim/IR to feed FOH and bypass the mic.
  4. I'm the last person to ask about this - I'm afraid I'm a bit of a luddite in this area. I've never even recorded over a digital backing track at home. My studio experience has been either working as a player/composer in a full-on pro studio, or recording a few guitar and/or vocal tracks at home with a very simplistic setup, always one-shot, no overdubs, no punch-ins (until last weekend, when I finally overdubbed parts on a couple of songs for hire). Back in the mid-80s I engineered some reasonably good (for the time) demo recordings with the old Fostex Model 80, but those techniques don't translate very well to modern technology. I would seem that the latency would be highly variable due to the way 'net traffic is routed. There are ways within a given subnet to prioritize traffic, but I doubt that the average home subscription service will allow those flags to be passed through so that we can hog the neighbors' bandwidth.
  5. It would be pretty cool to have that function here somewhere......Phil? Anton?
  6. I'm a guitarist/engineer. Over the years I've played a whole bunch of different types of material, and was full-time, recording and touring for a while back in the late 80s. Now, I fill in with a couple of local horn bands, do some charity things as a solo act and do a lot of musical theater work, as guitar/utility strings or music director. Like everyone else, my gigs are gone for the near future, now just waiting to see if my summer shows are still going to happen. Stay safe!
  7. Link's broken. Let's update with this one:
  8. The Kelly reminds me of the old Aria Pro IIs, but with much better wood. Enjoy!
  9. [Forgot....not supposed to touch my face.....ugh]
  10. Nice - that's some serious talent.
  11. It might have to do with the input impedance of the amp, or the source level from the guitar. Are you using the same guitar, no other pedals, and the same exact volume setting?
  12. You can hide someone's sig by clicking on the light gray X in the upper right of the sig.
  13. They went out of business about a year ago
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