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  1. I am looking at purchasing a used 814ce later today - a newer one with the V-bracing. The price seems OK for a used example, but I find myself wondering why someone might have let this instrument go. It sounds great and plays very nicely, and was my second choice after playing a couple of dozen instruments at multiple shops (the first choice is just too much $$$). SO: 1) Any ideas why someone might buy this sort of instrument and then let it go after less than 2 years? 2) Is there anything that I should be wary of or give extra inspection to for this model? I didn't see any visible defects or damage, but want to know if these have any common defects or known problems to check for and/or avoid. Thanks in advance!
  2. 8I definitely still buy hardcopies of music, and BluRays as well. I don't like the quality of streaming, and I like to be able to listen to specific things on demand. If you don't own the hardcopy (which includes a digital rip on your local storage device), the song or movie may disappear completely or get temporarily pulled back. Yes, I've seen it happen with specific titles as part of a market timing approach.
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