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  1. I saw a few articles that the trucking industry had a lot of issues with it too. Specifically independent owner operators.
  2. Isn't it fairly commonplace in county music for songwriters to wri6for nobody imparticular? My knowledge here is very slim so I like you, even more so I'm sure, am talking outa my rear too.
  3. As the saying goes.... "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" .I see this as opening a big of worms better left closed and will likely cause more trouble than it solves. Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be.
  4. Montana - Over-nite Sensation Yippie Yi Yo Ti Yay (rides pygmy pony of into the sunset)
  5. Burn Down the Mission - Tumbleweed Connection
  6. You've obviously never had a woman on the back of an old Panhead. 😁
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