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  1. I'll play. Ibanez Art100. $150 pawn shop find. Mahogany body, set-in mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, full binding. Try finding a cheap guitar with these specs today!
  2. I'd rock the pearl-white Silhouette any day.
  3. A black "Seville" bolt on Les Paul copy. I ran that into a Fender Silver Face Champ that sold for $90 brand new. I think the guitar was $125. I don't remembering it being that bad. I used to play to myself in the mirror posing like Jeff Beck with his black Les Paul. 😁
  4. I had a Custom 100. It had a master volume, IIRC. I got it cheap, only needed a power tube replacement to make it work.
  5. You probably don't want to hear this, but why not just grab a blues jr. or an ac15? Do you need a modeler?
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