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  1. I'll play. Ibanez Art100. $150 pawn shop find. Mahogany body, set-in mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, full binding. Try finding a cheap guitar with these specs today!
  2. I'd rock the pearl-white Silhouette any day.
  3. A black "Seville" bolt on Les Paul copy. I ran that into a Fender Silver Face Champ that sold for $90 brand new. I think the guitar was $125. I don't remembering it being that bad. I used to play to myself in the mirror posing like Jeff Beck with his black Les Paul. 😁
  4. I had a Custom 100. It had a master volume, IIRC. I got it cheap, only needed a power tube replacement to make it work.
  5. You probably don't want to hear this, but why not just grab a blues jr. or an ac15? Do you need a modeler?
  6. I understand they did an Odyssey as well. That's great!
  7. You like it? I was thinking of getting the Nuetron. More patch-ability.
  8. I had a Casio RZ-1, and I loved it. I would make a lot of noise with it and my DX-100. Great fun for the time.
  9. I'm seeing at $223 Still not a bad price. But I don't need another synth, even though I have GAS for one.
  10. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Rogue/RA-090-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural-1274115039668.gc?source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=Cj0KCQjwh8jrBRDQARIsAH7BsXfJtQVDrufxuLdpmrHEgNUNNW9VpcgfHJjrpxh5CHFjO9s31PIWUmIaAsXeEALw_wcB#productDetail You get what you pay for, right?
  11. Probably just the opposite of everyone else. I'm trying to learn how to put chords to an existing melody. It's hard. After playing many years, I understand there is so much I will never know.
  12. I agree that only the cream of the crop had a chance to record back then. It's not really a question of analog vs. digital, imho... On the plus side, we can all play engineer as a hobby or for fun, because the equipment needed is affordable to almost anyone. That's a plus. I remember struggling to get clear sound with a Tascam cassette 4-track. I don't miss those days. Only the good music from back then.
  13. Doesn't really do it for me, to be honest. And I like metal, generally.
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