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  1. Seems like he recorded and produced everyone possible. R.I.P. indeed.
  2. I got exhausted just looking at everything. Much thanks Phil.
  3. They bought Cakewalk when it went under and distribute Sonar for free.
  4. They all look like Gibson copies.
  5. How can somebody try and sell something that unique and identifiable?
  6. I tried logging in with my old username and pass but as I expected it didn't work. Then I tried creating a new acc with the same username and pass and I got "username and password already in use"
  7. I didn't realize MP was still active. Good to hear though and will check it out.
  8. I wonder how many of those Masters were transferred digitally? I know Frank Zappa transferred his entire catalog once he learned that tape eventually oxidizes.
  9. I already have what I need. I have a '65 and '66 Strat with rosewood fretboards and a 2008 MIM with a maple fretboard neck. The latter gets played the most. I also have a G&L F-100. I might get a Tele to replace the one that was stolen but that's about it.
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