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  1. Montana - Over-nite Sensation Yippie Yi Yo Ti Yay (rides pygmy pony of into the sunset)
  2. Burn Down the Mission - Tumbleweed Connection
  3. You've obviously never had a woman on the back of an old Panhead. 😁
  4. Hank III Risin' Outlaw Lovesick, Broke and Driftin' Straight to Hell
  5. Aerosmith Get Your Wings Toys in the Attic Rocks
  6. Ramones Leave Home Rocket to Russia Road to Ruin End of the Century Pleasant Dreams
  7. I've got metal on me mind today I guess. Metallica Kill 'Em All Ride the Lightning Master of Puppets
  8. Iron Maiden Killers Number of the Beast Piece of Mind And managed to do it with a lead singer change.
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