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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 4-25-12


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    I bought a brand new tu-12ex thinking I would be doing some outdoor gigs this summer. That has since fallen through. If you're looking for a good tuner for your board in daylight, this is it. I am looking for 45 shipped.
    oscillate wildly


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      Timmy. Like new, mint. Not a mark on it. Box, paper, factory paper towel. $160 shipped and PP'd. Mainly interested in cash, but you can hit me up with trade offers...you never know.



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        Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay $ 370.00

        Fulltone Plimsoul Overdrive/Distortion Pedal $130.00

        Subdecay Quasar DLX $275.00

        Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive $150.00

        Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser $225.00

        Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine Chorus $165.00

        Voodoo Labs Wahzoo Wah Pedal $225.00

        All items mint / like new, with boxes. Studio kept, never gigged.

        $10 - $15 shipping depending on pedal. Shipped CONUS only. No trades please.

        PM for photos and additional info.


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          Music pcb tap tremolo. I believe it's built by a forum member. The most complete trem I've ever been near. The best build quality I've witnessed, too!

          Will trade for dirt, phasers, gizmos, or whatever suits our mood.

          Sold tgp


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            Fuzzhugger FX Algal Bloom pedal. Sounds awesome, works great, sweet paintjob, velcro o nthe bottom. $110 shipped to the lower 48 of the USA. No trades. Thanks


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              I have a baby coming and i dont play much any more.

              Eventide Modfactor with power supply- 290 shipped
              Dunlop DC-Brick with all cables- 80 shipped
              Whammy WH-4 with power supply- 120 shipped
              Money Shot (Mayo Clone) - 80 shipped
              EVH Flange - 120 shipped
              RJM mini amp gizmo with egnater tourmaster cable- 160 shipped
              Eventide pitchfactor with power supply- 380 shipped
              BBE supa charger- 80 shipped with cables
              evh phase 90- 80 shipped
              skreddy skrewdriver- 185 shipped
              Skreddy lunar mod- 185 shipped
              keeley mod ds-1- 50 shipped
              Camel sutra red llama clone- 80 shipped
              skreddy zero- 275 shipped

              Vintage CE-2 with 0100 and silver screws. I've seen them go for 275 shipped. I'd like to get somewhere near there

              everything has been racked. I have 2 gcx units for sale as well as a gc pro and egnater tourmaster 2x12 combo
              gcx- 250 shipped each
              ground control- 280 shipped
              egnater tourmaster-800 shipped
              tc d-two- 250 shipped
              line 6 echo pro- 500 shipped

              I can take more pictures if you want. just PM me


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                Greer Sweetback Driver
                Enclosure has some dings but the pedal works great.
                Loud, dirty boost. "Turn and Burn."

                All prices shipped and paypal'd to ContUS. International shipping OK too. PM to discuss the price.

                ************************************************** *

                Lomography Diana F+ 120 mm FILM camera kit w/Flash
                Three packs of film:
                3 rolls of B&W 120 Film 100
                3 rolls of Color Negative 120 Film 400
                2 rolls of Color Negative 120 Film 100

                Includes book and all original packaging materials.

                Excellent condition.
                Paid $130 new over the summer. Shot one roll of film and realized I like the convenience of digital photography over the hipness of analog photography.

                $70 shipped and paypal'd.

                missfortune (AKA Prof.Fuzz)


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                  Up for grabs is one of my newly updated versions of the Monsterpiece Angry Dick 2000 fuzz pedals.

                  The circuit is based on the Jordan Bosstone fuzz, but I have added a mini-toggle switch that toggles between the standard Bosstone sound in the up position, and adds some crazy octave down overtones in the down position. Other controls are the obvious volume & fuzz. On the side there is a battery on/off mini-toggle switch for those of you who like to run their fuzzes with a battery (can also be dc adapter powered).

                  Price is $139.95 shipped to USA/Canada (add $15.00 shipping to other international locations).

                  Thanks for looking

                  Builder of Monsterpiece Pedals


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                    Keeley modded Boss TR-2 Tremolo. Has the option to use as clean boost. Looking for $110 shipped or best offer. Message me!
                    +some pedlulz
                    Mesa Lonestar Classic
                    Emperor 2x12


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                      Analogman High Gain w/white dot NKT275s.
                      In excellent condition. Velcro'd. Comes with all that you see in the picture.
                      Asking $200.00 OBO shipped.
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                        KORG EMX-1 - 265

                        AVRI jazzmaster-mastery bridge included. will trade. make offer. maybe for a gretsch or gibson style hollowbody
                        KORG EMX-1-$270
                        M-audio firewire solo interface - $75
                        Nikon D40 - no battery or charger. everything else stok and hardly used. make offer.


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                          I want your Fuzz Factory or Fuzz Probe (non-vexter).

                          I have to offer:
                          Catlinbread Formula #5
                          Colorsound One Knob Fuzz
                          Earthquaker Devices Tremelo
                          EHX Holy Grail
                          Monsterpiece MKIII Tone Bender
                          Wattson FY-5
                          Wattson FY-2
                          Originally Posted by mdrake34

                          I still don't know what the **************** a haunting mids is, but what I do know is that I have never seen such an assortment of sandy, stinky, sopping wet vaginas e-assembled in one place in my life. It's like 300 The Decision-era Lebron's fighting over fuzz pedals.


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                            Looking for a Moog Murf. Midi is not necessary.
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                              [COLOR="red"]STEREO MEMORY MAN echo/chorus
                              Price reduced!

                              This 120V line-cord powered unit has been aligned and fully reconditioned.
                              LIKE-NEW CONDITION.

                              $140 + $18 FedEx shipping/handling.

                              If interested, email: howard.davis2@att.net
                              Guitar pedal design engineering, repairs, and custom mods:


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                                Wren and Cuff The Caprid #6 like new in box: $260 shipped
                                T-Rex Tonebug Fuzz like new in box: $60 shipped

                                I like fuzz pedals, in particular I'd like a Skreddy ? Lady. Thanks!