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  1. So this here guitar suffered an accident about a year ago, the headstock snapped off and was repaired by a luthier here in Omaha. Here's a picture: Doesn't affect the playability on it in the least bit. Say, $320?
  2. I'm playing around with the idea of SELLING my HAGSTROM SUPER SWEDE. It would come with a hard case. It looks like this: Hit me up if you're interested, I have a lot more pictures. I have no idea how much to charge for this thing.
  3. Yo drasp. My DE7 is having some issues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISRxRXiImcM HALP?
  4. 3's guitars on The Ghost You Gave to Me Oceansize's guitars on Frames Lifehouse's clean tones on Who We Are Circa Survive's bass distortion on Blue Sky Noise He Is Legend's bass distortion and drums on It Hates You
  5. OK the release date is here. Where is my Hedonic Treadmill chumps? Well played.
  6. Bump. Crappy pics added. Sorry, I don't have a camera.
  7. FS: BYOC Mighty Mouse Rat clone, with LM308n chip and 3-way clipping switch. Only runs on 9V battery () but in the seven months or so I've had it I've only had one battery in it.$70 OBO Potential trades . . . dirt. Try me.
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