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  1. Black Arts Black Forest set to low gain od into a Black Arts Badascan fuzz. Sounds killer.
  2. bieke nailed it. it's kinda hard to communicate to other people through this turd.
  3. I don't really love fuzz, but I love it over there. They always talk about all kinds of effects, not just fuzz. Plus the douchebag level is very low.
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n31311939[/ATTACH] Looking to sell my ESP MI NTB. It has been sitting on my guitar stand for the past year or two giving me the stink eye because I only play my Les Paul and Jazzmaster now. I figure its time to let it go to someone who will give it a good home and put it to use. There are no issues with the guitar at all. No cracks, dings, or repairs. Comes with an ESP gig bag. ON HOLD From MusiciansFriend: The M-I NTB guitar features a maple neck-thru alder body, bone nut, and an ebony fretboard. The extra thin U-shaped neck with 24 extra jumbo frets maximum provides comfort and speed. An EMG-81 active humbucker provides plenty of power and note definition. Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners and Gotoh Tune-o-matic bridge yield great sustain, keep you tuned and intoned, so you'll sound your best. Single volume knob is the pinnacle of simplicity, letting you concentrate on rockin'. black nickel hardware and abalone dot inlays finish off a great look. Features Neck-thru-body 25.5" scale Alder body Maple neck Ebony fingerboard 42mm bone nut Extra-thin U neck contour 24 XJ Frets Black nickel hardware Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners Gotoh Tune-o-matic bridge EMG-81 Active humbucker
  5. This place is dead and has been for a long time. I really don't know why I keep popping in from time to time to see what might be here. Oh yeah, its goodhonk's posts. I dig that guy. Once this place s h i t the bed, I went to ILF. Lots of hcfx guys migrated over there. There is a way better Doom Room with most of the people from the OG one here. The layout is easier to read, loads way faster and you can post links, pics, and all that stuff without having to do the 800 extra steps that you have to do on here. I miss the old days on here, but that ain't ever coming back.
  6. I dug the Elements when I had it. I prefer the lower gain stuff from it because it seemed to be like an OCD but more versatile. The high gain stuff was nice, especially if I was in a 90's thrash mood.
  7. That's gonna {censored} up The Price Is Right.
  8. I can't view the pedalboard thread or anything else with lots of pics posted in it. Just opens to a blank gray screen. Anyone else have this issue? And having to scroll back to the top of each page to navigate this forum is just about annoying as when TGIH used to post here.
  9. it isnt a big pedal. Its like if you turned a micropog sideways. With top mounted jacks it takes up just as much room as if the micropog was in its usual position. Another fuzz that just came out is the Black Sheep. It might be in the area tonewise that you're looking for.
  10. Yeah, the SC doesn't have that problem at all.
  11. I just got another one and cracked it open to find it says made 1-13 v1.6. Didn't know there was anything besides v1 -v4. Anyway, I like it but I don't use it. It never kicked my other dirt off my board.
  12. If you want lots of replies to your question then go ask it in the doom room on ilovefuzz. Those guys are all about it and a good bit are a lot of the non douchebag regulars that used to post here. You'll get honest helpful answers there for sure. That is where I spend my time ever since this turd of a {censored}heap went belly up. To answer your question though, I've never played a Musket but the Supercollider was a perfect replacement for my Swollen Pickle. It was easier to dial in, never got lost in the mix, and always had a useable tone. The SP sounded like a muff mixed with a Metal Zone at times. When I ordered my SC the build time was about 3 weeks. That was right before he changed the name though so I don't know if he's busier now or not. Definitely worth the wait though. I love BAT stuff. It took me a few months to figure out that it needs to be in front of a loud amp to get all of the subtleties out of it. Most of his stuff is made to be ran in front of an already dirty amp too which I love. If you don't like the pedals by themselves don't write them off just yet. They all stack really well either before or after other dirt. One of my favorites is the Black Forest for a low gain od / boost.
  13. I got to play around with one when I had the Doom Room tour box a few years ago. It was one of my favorites. Sounds insane on bass.
  14. I never tried the bright, but the E600D was the best sounding analog delay pedal I have ever owned or played. I really regret selling it.
  15. conky


    Thanks guys. I'm really digging it.
  16. Sold my Orange AD140 and picked this Matamp GTO up a few days ago. I only got to play around with it for an hour or so but I dig it so far. Takes pedals like a champ and has some pretty awesome cleans. Needs a retube, but it sounds amazing as is.
  17. Always wanted to try one of those Corrosion pedals. Let me know how it is when you plug it in (and also if you wanna sell it after DigitechRep gets first dibs).
  18. There are high and lowpass filters on the band delay setting. You can cut the lows on there. It might get you in the same territory.
  19. Fulltone OCD - $80 MXR Dynacomp - $50 Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo - $20 Boss PS-3 - $130 Ibanez DE7 - $50 You know what all of these do and look like but PM me for pics. Prices are shipped and insured through USPS. Trades welcome. Hows about some phaser action?
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