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  1. Phil - in case you go down this road, install a 3-way negative feedback switch. It makes the amp incredibly versatile and actually gives some clean headroom. https://robrobinette.com/5e3_Modifications.htm#Switched_Negative_Feedback
  2. Seconded. If I wasn't living in a condo and had a dedicated workspace, I could've likely finished it in a day with a good 6 to 8 hours. As it was, really took me the same 6 to 8 hours spread over weeks, not including workspace setup and breakdown time.
  3. I highly recommend it, Phil! I definitely considered the BYOC kit when first looking at options. It seems really cool. Now to build an attenuator box to tame this thing for my apartment, haha.
  4. Oh yeah... now I gotta figure out if I'm going to mod it or leave as-is. The negative feedback switch certainly makes it more versatile.
  5. LOVE it! Definitely nailed down some Neil tones with the LP and it's a dream with the Strat. Might tighten up some of the wiring to reduce him. Otherwise, couldn't be happier. I used the Stew Mac instructions, along with Rob Robinette's tube amp page to help me along. Worked on the first shot
  6. Rewired my '90s Strat Plus Deluxe - went from a 13 sound Strat with three mini-toggles for each pickup to a Nashville-X system (Nashville-X Strat Switching). Also swapped the crappy pearl PG for a nice B-W-B 3 ply. Way classier. Have BG V60s in neck and middle, S90 in bridge. Built a Tweed Deluxe 5E3 from a Boot Hill kit. Added a 3-way switch for NFB to tame the amp a bit when wanting more headroom. WGS G12Q speaker.
  7. Downsizing and letting go of this awesome pedal. Want to keep it in the HCFX family - $100 shipped!
  8. Won this from Premier Guitar in 2016 and haven't used it since. Bought a MIDI cable to use with it that I'll throw in. Comes with the unit, MIDI cable, and power supply.
  9. Seems pretty similar, but the MIDI capability is a huge win for the Boss products over the GigRig. As a M13 user, that's big for me.
  10. Seems like it should work given the instruction manual. Are you using a mono or stereo cable to connect? EXP Jack – This ¼” EXPression jack accepts a TRS expression pedal connector or a Tip-Sleeve 0-5V control voltage input. Some suggested Expression Pedals include: EHX Expression Pedal, M-Audio® EX-P, Roland® EV-5 or Boss® FV-500L. The polarity of the expression pedal’s plug must connect the Sleeve to the heel position, Ring connected to the toe position, and the Tip connected to the wiper. The nominal expression pedal impedance is 10kΩ, but it can accept impedances ranging from 6kΩ – 100kΩ.
  11. Thinking of something like this: Guitar -> Wilson Wah -> First 2 FX on M13 (for comp, boost, pre dirt mod, pitch shift, volume) -> ES-5 In Loop 1: SHO Clone Loop 2: Octophant (in Octavia mode) Loop 3: Swollen Pickle Loop 4: Scratchy Snatch Loop 5: Transparent OD (maybe a Klone eventually if I finish a build) ES-5 Out -> Egnater Tweaker In -> Amp send -> M13 second two effects -> Amp return Might try to put a M13 FX in a loop to move it around. Love that the ES-5 had enough MIDI capability to control the whole unit. I'd take a pic but most of those effects are in storage. Need to go rescue then soon!
  12. Thanks Phil! Was a pretty cool surprise... figured I'd get back here after a 3 year hiatus
  13. Premier Guitar sent me this thing and it looks pretty sweet! Planning on having my dirt in front and 4CM with my M13, which I apparently can program all effects on / off through MIDI. I AM EXCITE. Anyone using this and have any tips / feedback?
  14. I have the same LP Studio on the right, so I'm biased. I love that thing.
  15. Looks like you have the send and return jacks mixed on the M13 and you're not going into your amp's input at all? Here's my signal: Guitar -> Pedals -> M13 In -> M13 Send -> Amp in -> Amp Send -> M13 Return -> M13 Out -> Amp Return Hope this is helpful!
  16. Ampeg VT-22. Because switchable center frequencies for your tone controls is awesome.
  17. Yeah, PGS put out a debut demo. Sounds... {censored}ing lovely.
  18. Clean ass Champ there. HNAD!
  19. cryptosonic wrote: Monsterpiece all the way. This. All the way.
  20. Definitely more practice time... that what I did! It really sucks, though. Good luck man, hope you can find something soon!
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