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  1. Sad day. I remember when the HCFX spam thread was something I checked everyday. Got alot of cool pedals and great deals through it. Sorry to see it go, but I see that there probably isn't a need for it anymore. Man, you guys really torched this place and salted the earth.
  2. Cool. And for old times sake, I will come here and thank you preserving these fine instruments in your basement, so someday someone who can really play guitar might actually get to play them.
  3. Cool. I figured it had to be cheaper than Malekko's boutique version. It isn't by much (I'd prefer to see something more in the $70-$80 range, like the ehx nano stuff) but I'm glad they finally got this out there.
  4. Good news! Glad they finally got around to this. Price seems a little high though. I wonder what the street price will be?
  5. I've always been a fan of the Yamaha Magicstomp. Used it for years. Great for reverb. Lately, I've gotten into the Zoom stuff. Got an MS-50g, which is fun to play around with because it is so simple to move through the effects and change their parameters. Just got an MS-70cdr, which seems to have some great reverbs and delays. Also, in terms of pure bang for your buck, the Zoom 606 (the one with the expression pedal) is tough to beat.
  6. I don't know anything about the electronics, but I've heard the same rumor about it being a slightly modded dynacomp. The thing is, I've owned a Janglebox and I've played a Dynacomp, and if they are basically the same thing, then MXR has been throwing money away by sticking with the "ordinary" Dynacomp design all these years, because the Janglebox sounds about 30 times better. As a clean compressor, it's the best I've ever used. Great jangly sounds. Sounds pretty unspectacular paired with dirt though, which is why I sold it.
  7. Maybe try a Marshall Jackhammer. That sounded pretty heavy and non-fuzzy through my AC15.
  8. All prices paypalled and shipped (CONUS only). Prices firm. No trades. Boss SD2 (missing 1 knob) $48 Boss CS3 (has velcro) $38 Boss PS5 $85 Danelectro Dan-Echo $38
  9. Having no technical knowledge, I will say this, having played both a Janglebox and a Dynacomp, if the difference between them is just that one resistor, then MXR royally fucked up putting that resistor in there, because the Janglebox sounds miles better.
  10. it would be funny if the sound difference is just that one resistor, given all the stuff they say on the Janglebox website about how they set out to build a special compressor circuit and hired an engineer to design it and all of that.
  11. Well, in retrospect it looks more attainable. And I do blame men because the one singular group of women in the developed world that seems to be immune to this phenomena? Lesbians. And real ones, not lipstick lesbians or bi chicks at raves. I'm talking real butch lesbians. They don't give a {censored} about their image. And most of them dress like 13 year old boys. Now I wonder why.... actually, I wouldn't say that they don't care about their image just because they dress "like 13 year old boys". In fact, the very way that you perceive many of them to dress alike would seem to suggest that they do in fact care and give thought to their image.
  12. most of the pictures here are more "beautiful women in bad lighting" or "beautiful women with odd facial expressions"
  13. sour grapes or not, hiwatt's killing it...lmao
  14. ^very cool of you. glad to see you've found time for a real life. hopefully someone can pick up from all the work you've done. (but it won't be me. no electronics knowledge and no time to gain any)
  15. I'm bring this old thread back since I'm thinking of picking up a PS-2. How is it, especially compared to the revered PS-3? it's nothing like a ps-3. it's something entirely different. but for crazy digital oscillations, weird metallic pitch shift warbles, and the occasional nice octave up sound, it's great.
  16. party at some kids house about a month after Kurt Cobain died. Played like 20 Nirvana songs. Not a big crowd but more girls than guys, so that was a plus. Afterwards the guy running the PA told me I was really good. I wasn't sure if he was serious. I still have the whole show on a cassette tape. Haven't listened to it since I was 15. I'll have to listen to it again one of these days and hear how awful we actually were.
  17. All prices paypalled and shipped, continental us only. Seppuku FX DPM-2 Digital Pitch Modulator $145 This thing is insane. Lots of crazy computer sounds. The arpeggiator function is especially fun. This is a rarer version with an extra control for input gain. I think this pedal has been discontinued. Danelectro Blue Paisley Pure Drive $85 Hard to find, cool TS-808 variant. Really nice even distortion. Pick-up selection knob and mid boost/flat/cut switch allows a wide range of sounds. devi ever 0525 boost/overdrive $80 I haven't seen another one of these with this graphic. Not sure how many were produced. The 25 side is a great trebly boost. Sounds excellent in front of a fuzz. The 05 is a raw sort of overdrive. Ibanez CPL Compressor/Limiter $50 Nice affordable compressor. Metal construction. Made in Japan.
  18. EHX memory Boy - AWFUL EHX Metal muff - worst distortion pedal I have ever played Boss OS-2 - Alright just never really connected with it Boss Power Stack - Great sound just had this annoying swirly oscillation thing going onwhen turned on ZVEX Fuzz Factory - again cool pedal just didn't connect with it were the Metal Muff, OS-2, and Power Stack really "Hyped" pedals? I mean, I guess everything is hyped somewhere, but those three seem like the antithesis of "hyped" around here.
  19. for sale: Danelectro Fabtone Distortion $25 Boss Enhancer EH-2 $40 Prices shipped and paypalled (CONUS only). Both pedals are tested and working and are in good condition. No trades. Thanks.
  20. I alway remeber when Ibanez made those "soundtank" pedals that each dirt pedal had a boss counterpart... the power driver to the powerlead the cyberdrive to the Xtortion... they always sounds teh same, just with the boss having an extra knob or something...I always wondered if it was boss or ibanez who copied the other.... I've owned both the Cyberdrive and the Xtortion and they didn't sound even remotely alike. I know I'm responding to a 6 year old post, but hey, you bumped the thread.
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