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  1. Yeah...a lot of pseudo-info here. You definitely need speakers plugged in if you don't have the amp off or on standby, but a guitar lead? Why? Even if the jack wasn't shorting itself to ground when not in use, you still have a resistor attached between the grid and ground if you're worried about it flying around unconnected. Sure, tubes can get hot but you aren't going to get any lethal voltage unless you actually open the amp or possibly break open a tube (he makes it sound like just putting your hand on the chassis will shock you or something). The two prong plug thing is legitimate but only if your chassis is connected to the + on one amp and - on another amp (or, as usual, the chassis of something else is connected to -). He could explain why rather than just make sure you get all those evil objects away from you. Most of the time swapping similar preamp tubes isn't really a problem. It's power amp tubes that are an issue. Also not all vintage amps are worth much. Some are worth like 100 bucks.
  2. I have been working on guitars lately a lot more. Like, I know the guy who makes Telenator pickups so I got a set of those and put together a partso-tele deluxe. I also recently scored an original Wide Range Humbucker from the early 70s and I am plotting a second guitar (also probably a tele deluxe) pairing that with an extra quad coil neck pickup that I have had around because it was a little too much for the neck position of my maple jazzcaster. Should be glorious once I figure it out.
  3. Oh yeah, on almost all muffs the best sound is either gain all the way up or almost all the way up (occasionally i have backed certain ones off to like noon).
  4. That is quite {censored}ing rad.
  5. Oh, if I were to put together this playlist as an actual mixtape I would edit the songs a bit to make the transitions smoother. You'd pretty much have to. I am actually really surprised that anyone has kept Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da. I thought that was considered pretty much the worst Beatles song.
  6. Effects placement is pretty important for Shoegaze. Try to get an overdrive that works well after reverb/delay pedals since a lot of that sound comes from distorted reverb and delay.
  7. where wolf there castle wolfenstein whitherto goeth Vertex schmertex on holiday in nirvana With the dolly mama porcupine spikes for ambidextrous zygote martyr memento mortis involuntary conation contested experience lest exasperation wanderers' come hear X2 gathering give them ear, backwards instead of forward causing all the inert Riff ie broke the law so it became so raw They issued a ticket And a wet blanket and babes, don't forget the babes who saw the best minds of their generations do it in the road to Pythagoras pornos
  8. Ok, here's my somewhat controversial entry: Side 1: 1. Birthday 2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 3. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey 4. Glass Onion 5. Dear Prudence 7. Blackbird 8. Happiness is a Warm Gun Side 2: 1. Savoy Truffle 2. Yer Blues 3. Why Don't We Do it in the Road? 4. Cry Baby Cry 5. Helter Skelter 6. Julia 7. Long, Long, Long
  9. I liked most of this but I really didn't get the Magic Numbers version of She's Leaving Home. They had to pick a band to do only vocals and picked them? I thought the drummer who filled in for Ringo was a much stronger singer than any of them.
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