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  1. duncan

    Marshall jcm800

    The {censored} thing is that for what you're going to be paying for an 800 clone, you could just buy the real thing. Keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist, forums, etc. Ultimately, dropping $1000-1400 for a JCM800 isn't a big thing. They hold their value really well.
  2. Up for sale or trade is my 1977 Ibanez Artist 2622. This is the Steve Miller signature with the active EQ that can be switched on or off. This is guitar is not mint. It has been played and loved heavily. It has buckle rash, the finish on the hardware is worn away, there a few minor dings. But it you probably will never find another guitar that plays so well. Perfect neck, stays in tune beautifully, amazing tone. There are only 2 things I specifically want for a trade: Marshall JCM800 (2203 or 2204 only) Morgan 30/800 (or the 3.8 model that came before it) Otherwise, the price is $1100 shipped. OBO. If you have other trade offers you want to run by me, shoot me a PM. I'm not looking for any other guitars as I have way too many. Here are some pictures. I can take high res photos, if need be.
  3. On my guitars with a gloss finish - the glasses cleaner stuff from Costco On my satin finish guitars - a bit of lemon oil All with old t-shirts
  4. Wait. Isn't this post technically OT? Sounds dangerously like something that belongs in Recording...
  5. www.guitarampboard.com You {censored}ing sexy munger {censored}s.
  6. Hey gang, I have a mint condition Timefactor with aux switch that I'm looking to trade for an Empress Superdelay (any version)
  7. For trade: My mint condition Eventide Timefactor for your Empress Superdelay (any veresion). I'll add cash if need be.
  9. I just need you all to go here: http://www.thewolfrocks.com/ and vote for "Hours". The poll is on the right, about halfway down the page. Vote often. You can technically vote over and over and over (provided you clear your cookies and refresh lol)
  10. Hey guys, My buddy has an Ibanez WH10 and he wants to mod it to have an overall volume control (like in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCVZyfr4fh0). I was wondering if anyone knew where to put the pot, what value to use, and if anything else would be needed?
  11. Jesus I wish TC would allow reverb toneprints to be loaded to the x4
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