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  1. There's a Yamaha CP35 electric piano in my local CL for $200. I think they're more like a combo organ? Has different waveforms from what I can find online. Anyone ever own one? They cool? Lame? Is $200 a good price?
  2. I picked up a Gibson B-45-12 at a garage sale. It has a 2 stamped on the back which I know is factory second. It's not in mint condition but it overall looks nice and plays well. Problem is, I can't figure out how to date it. The serial number on back is 6 digits long, not 8. Anyway I can date it from the serial number?? It has the square shoulders so I know it's between late 1962 and 1979. It's a red to yellow burst, no biding on the neck, black binding on the sides & the top binding has some creme lines in it. Black pickguard. The Gibson logo is in gold & the headstock inl
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