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  1. I got a DVD that has clips of the Good Vibrations sessions...video of the vocal takes, drumming, bass...{censored}ing incredible. It hasn't been seen before. I wish they'd release an entire DVD of all the raw footage.
  2. Didn't see this. Yes I still listen to it and I love going through the sessions....it's incredible to hear how they put the songs together.
  3. or 4 years when he bumps this thread again ZING
  4. Bunch of stuff.... Roland GR-33 Midi guitar synth with power supply, no pickup, will include midi guitar cable $280 SH/PP And heeeere we go! Moogerfoogers (all with power supplies, SH/PP): Ring Mod $220, Murf (non midi) $250, Delay (104Z with spillover mod) $600 I'll get you pics, open to reasonable offers, no trades. Prefer gift, but I understand if you don't.
  5. there is an original taurus at a local shop here for $1300. i am SO tempted. You better hit that
  6. ^^^ that's the only real option. Playing bass with feet while playing guitars is {censored}ing hard btw Edit: PK5 controlling Minitaur (which is about as expensive as a used Taurus)
  7. Originally Posted by dbonanzam bump mhuxtable - I apologize for not getting back to you. I only realized TODAY that the posts went to two pages and your reply was on the second page. Sorry. So to answer my question...you're not interested?
  8. You're not gonna get anywhere without posting a photo sorry buddy. Free bump for you though
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