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  1. Originally Posted by SoundwaveLove $175 for a used pedal that only cost $200 new? You really think anyone is going to forgo the benefits of a new pedal with warranty for $25 $150 is the most you can possibly ask for this. If you don't like the number I put on it, make and offer. Its pretty simple, really. Frankly, I can ask whatever I want. Whether I get it or not is a totally different matter. On the bright side, my friend, it is absolutely none of your concern, either way.
  2. EHX Cathedral with box, papers, power supply. Wouldn't presume to call it "mint" but its in tip top shape. Looking for chorus, vibe and rotary sims mostly. Stereo if possible. Will also consider an M9 or M5. I can add cash for the right deal. Otherwise looking to get $175 shipped (will listen to offers).
  3. FWIW, Im mostly looking for trades right now. Mods, delay, verb and wah are preferred. UP
  4. hey man i might be into the RC2 and perhaps the digitech. have a look in my sig. Cheers. PM incoming
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