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  1. Damage Control Liquid Blues - near mint, with box and power supply - $175 shipped EBS MultiComp - functions perfectly, but has cosmetic wear to the graphics - $90 shipped Morley JD-10 - Like new, AMAZING overdrive tones....so good, but can do heavy as well - $85 shipped VFE Distortion 3 - like new - $115 shipped Arc Effects Russian Muff clone - $70 Shipped I will update the photos tonight, as these have pedals that have sold, and are just bad quality.
  2. $400 shipped. It's got a bit a playing wear, but the frets, electronics and playability are unaffected. Purely cosmetic blems, and mostly on the body. EMG pickups. Sounds big, low B is tight, and plays great. Nice flamed neck. pics:
  3. Fulltone OCD V.4 with original box and papers. $100 shipped in the 48. SOLD! Pictures tonight. Condition is minty, minus velcro on the bottom.
  4. If I can sell all of these pedals, I don't have to sell my amp! bump Willing to deal.
  5. I'm thinking about selling my Egnater TOL100 head. It's got brand new tubes. Power and pre. Functions perfectly. Great underrated tone. Good condition overall. Ch. 1 Fender Cleans - seriously awesome. Ch. 2 crunchy Voxy - nice cleans to crunchy rockNroll. Ch. 3 High gain - mix of Bogner and marshall. Ch. 4 More High Gain - more gain but a little less low end than 3. Series/parallel FX loop, reverb, MIDI or 1/4" footswitching, 4,8,16 Ohm output, and global density and presence. *pics tonight* $800 shipped.
  6. I want to sell it, but I got a bad vibe when you first emailed me.....I thought you were spam. I had been getting random PMs from new 1 post members in a similar fashion. If you're legit, I'll sell it to you.
  7. No problem. Thanks for the guitar! I wish I had something to trade for the Kafel! looks killer.
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