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  1. Regarding what? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2971516-Another-big-Zvex-day.
  2. Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe No offense, but like I said - I've never invited anyone, and I see no reason to start now. I really do only rarely get a chance to go over there anymore myself. For all I know, they might be in another one of their "no new members" phases - I believe that's occurred previously, but I'm not positive, so please don't quote me on that. lol too late
  3. Ahh fair enough, I guess 70 degrees and cloudy is really nothing to complain about in November
  4. I think it's pretty safe to assume that he wouldn't return anyways after his harsh treatment. That coupled with HCFX's broke ass users that probably wouldn't buy his pedals anyways makes for a bad time for a random "builder" that doesn't know the rules here. Edit: Phil is the weather in Riverside all humid and rainy like it is here in the LBC? My acoustics are near their swollen breaking point
  5. haha this horrible sexist thread just because a Korean history lesson. UNSUBSCRIBED.
  6. LOL this conversation is destined to get weirder, if people start assuming that I'm a humorless Korean. I'm a Swedish-Armenian mix who lived in San Gabriel for the first 20 years of my life, and my Nicolas Cage reference was nothing more than a pointless link to Long Beach. Excuse my slight thread derailing while I clear that up. Peace. I think my yet-to-be-posted broken links might be fixed. I'll check. I guess my context clues served me wrong. Location: Korea, Avatar: Korean, Posts: Asians? My next guess for sure would have been Swedish-Armenian. Anyways I meant no offense to you with my silly joke of all Asians looking alike...
  7. Er...That was almost funny. Right about now is where Nicolas Cage is ashamed that he was born in your place of residence. Then again, I have about 20 more "broken links" I could pull out if needed. Ahhh Koreans have no sense of humor, fair enough. Do you really think American give a flying {censored} about Nicholas Cage though?
  8. Ultradust your links must be messed up because it looks like you posted the same girl 5 times
  9. FT Analogman Sunface w/ NKT-275 Red Dot and Sundial (Comes w/ original box and all goodies, no velcro) I want your tone bender, possibly muff clones, fuzz factory or some other crazy ass fuzz. Surprise me. or $230 shipped
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