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  1. hangwire

    Ross Phaser

    Great sound! 9 is as high as I go!
  2. hangwire

    DigiTech PDS-1002

    Great delay, worth every penny as I bought it in box, with poster, and in excellent condition (just some paint chips). This catagory asks about value, and it really is a great value! Since I have 2 of these (PDS 1002 & PDS 20/20) and I am going back to school, I am going to sell one. If you are interested in either, feel free to email me jadczak@hotmail.com BUT I WON'T SELL BOTH! I need this pedal to help me in my experiental guitar playing . . . " it is not only possible, it is essential ! "
  3. hangwire

    MXR M-103 Blue Box

    Value = yup! Great pedal! Better than using a 2 octave down and tehn addind distortion, I have tried this, it is not even close. s I actually got another one of these laying around in the box brand new as a back up that I want to sell soon because I am going back to school and need the cash. So if you are interested, email me! jadczak@hotmail.com
  4. hangwire

    4ms Phaseur Fleur

    Great phase shifter. I have owned Small Stone, MXR Phase 90, Bad Stone, Univox, Ibanez, and tried out countless others. This pedal is fantastic. I hope I never have to sell it, but tough times are coming up soon.
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