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  1. guys, don't get dragged into this drama... this maca guy has a good deal of fault in this matter and was given an option to resolve this, but wants to harass the builder instead in as many public places as possible.
  2. It got really cloudy and water spotty looking in the copper- I sanded it and did another coat of paint to get it looking good
  3. ... If you do a Metallic spray like when I did a copper, those generally can't take a top coat of nitro as it already has shiney stuff mixed in FYI You can see how it looks with the SG Jr I did here: https://m.facebook.com/MaKEguitarsAndrew?id=421356081312150&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&_rdr
  4. If you can only do Home Depot or Lowe 's for the supplies, get a sandpaper sampler pack so you can go over it with a rougher grade then a finer grade to make sure it's even . Pay attention to the spray paint directions with overlapping coats and distance from guitar to spray to minimize running drips via a few light coats. Then a few coats of "deft" nitro over to to seal and protect and finish the job. If you have a garage string the body up Saturday morning after sanding and follow time dry directions and you will be done late sunday
  5. If it has more controls to do different things, give it a shot. 80% of the time the ehx version is the best of that type of effect in my experience , but for example pigtronix has a new crazy. $400 delay that has all sorts of tweak able filters and wave shapes that you won't find on a boss dd7... But lots of times concept does not equal actual functionality in a mix or band setting
  6. Should the sponge rotate in the case? It's under the headstock now and there is a little wiggle room to put it near the body if the answer Is yes
  7. Anyway, the other guitarist ...(Which is good, since he's spent a ship load of money to get it). ... "yeah, compression can be really nice, but it can also squash your dynamics if you're not careful." And I was like "yeah, that's kind of the point of a dynamic compressor" and he was like "No, it's not." He didn't bother to tell me what the point was, however. well I think your problem is quite obviously the type of person(s) you are talking about this with. Especally over the last 10 years it seems "spending" a lot on gear correlates to this type of exchange^
  8. Well the humidifier was on for 3 days and it did not help the static and barely impacted the hygrometer... So I did the sponge-distilled water-Baggie with holes poked in it. Left it under the headstock in the case
  9. Well I could calibrate, but this $20 digital hygrometer/thermometer was put on the guitar stand where I would be keeping the gretsch and it is reading right now after being out for about an hour at 26% so regardless a humidifier is necessary it seems It's been snowing all day too so I imagine it might be more humid in here than it has been :|
  10. I bought a hygrometer at radio shack when out and about today so I'll know in a bit where the humidity is in here, and likely a room humidifier is what we will be doing because the static is comical at this point... (Corn baller running gag for Arrested Development fans) Thanks for the tips provided especially in the last few responses! And re: the guitar questions, I play it in standard no slide. It's a little small but I like it a lot. I think quality I got an exceptionally good one as the other 4 resonators next to it all sounded like and played like the cheapest line stuff conpared to the gretsch
  11. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=28959236&retainProdsInSession=1 like this? the sponge idea, not sure I can fit much of anything in these small f holes
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