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  1. Ordered pots, bridge base, and some other stuff from AllParts. I don't understand how I can never get all the parts I want from one place, especially if your name is AllParts. What they didn't have was a nut blank I was satisfied with. Sketched some headstock shapes. Not sure I care for either of them. The one on the left is in the vein of the one I did for my bass, but I almost feel like it's too much. The one of the right is kind of an anti-design. It's about as boring as you can get without leaving the paddle exactly how it is. I plan to come up with some sort of name/logo/doodle for the headstock and that design gives me more real estate to do that. Also, I have a new top contender for color, though I don't know exactly what shade it will be and it could be that I'll just end up mixing and testing it as I go. Here's a mockup: I'm stuck with white binding, so I didn't think Olympic white would contrast enough. The closest thing I like in a Fender color is Desert Sand, but in my mind I'm going for more of latte foam kind of color. Almond. Something along those lines.
  2. I've only briefly considered naming any of my guitars. Mostly I refer to them by color because I don't have any that are the same color. Not electric, but this one is kind of named "One Eye Willie".
  3. I'm not sure I needed to know this.
  4. I think I've decided on the TV Jones T-Armond. I had them in the cart and thought, "That's a lot of money..." The other thing is that I haven't nailed down a color scheme yet, so I might play around with that. It could be that I want the Guild DeArmond Dynasonics that come in white. Playing with the headstock early this morning. This is just a template I did in Illustrator. The cool thing is that the geometry of the headstock lines up with the tuners I have to provide a straight string path, which is a look I was after. Where I feel I screwed up is I should have gone with a paddle headstock to have more material to work with. I've previously assembled a Carvin bass kit and this was the headstock I sketched out then: And then it actually looked like this: I was kind of hoping to do something similar. You can see on the tuner side that instead of being straight, it is curved. I don't really have enough wood to work with here to do that. I could glue on a piece of wood, but that's not a road I want to go down. I'll print off some paper copies of my template and do some sketches (I can't freehand in Illustrator so well). Went through my bin of guitar parts and I already had an unslotted TOM in nickel with thumbwheels. AllParts has a rosewood base with studs. I'll probably order that along with some pots today.
  5. Yes. A serious contender. I feel like I read the specs wrong the first time not realizing they were labeled with different heights for the neck and bridge pickup. Similarly, the Guild DeArmond pickups in the neck position are 7/16" (0.4375) and would work. I'm not super keen on putting eight more holes into the body, but I might do a custom mounting ring the covers the four mounting holes and makes use of the two original holes. The Lindy Fralin Dynasonics might work. Guitar Fetish has some options too. At the moment I think I am leaning towards the TV Jones or Guild DeArmond now that I read that spec correctly. The Guilds are made in Korea and half the price. The TV Jones are available in a number of varieties. As far as looks, I like the ones the resemble the Dynasonic best. Maybe I'll do some reading tonight and place an order in the morning.
  6. Maybe if I found some with a shallower cover. Rechecked again this morning, and I have a little more room than I thought. About 0.625" from the body to the top of the frets. I will probably try to keep pickup height in the low side as much as possible. I could potentially shim up the neck, but the pocket is angled. The heel doesn't sit far into bridge end of the pocket as it is.
  7. Progress is slow. Clamped the neck on to take measurements for possible pickups. Conventinal P90s are out; they are too tall. Dynasonic replicas fit, but only the versions that mount with four screws. Going to keep looking. Curtis Novak has some interesting models with shallow heights. Need a bridge, too. Since I went with a compound radius, I'd like one that isn't pre-slotted. And also in nickel. And a rosewood base instead of ebony. I was shocked when I measured about where it would go. Then I looked up vintage examples of the Coronado II and saw the bridge was in fact almost right up against the pickup.
  8. Early in March I acquired my dream project body: an original Fender Coronado. On March 30th I placed an order for a custom neck with Musikraft. It arrived yesterday, five months later to the day. Work will be slow on this. I'm trying to transition careers right now. Still uncertain of the color, but it might be a silverburst. I miss my Inca Silver Strat and will probably part with my tobacco burst Dot when this is done, so it's like replacing two color schemes at once, right? Won't be a faithful restoration. I aim to use my own headstock shape and I don't feel like paying for the original pickups.
  9. I did read that somewhere after posting this. I might go as far as trying to cut a new nut for it. I have some nut files somewhere...I think.
  10. Purchased a Squier Mini-Strat for my niece for her birthday. I'm not expecting the thing to be perfect, but if there are some little things I can do to make it a little more consistent, that would be awesome. Impressions out of the box: It isn't great a keeping in tune. Strings on it have some corrosion. I'm going to switch to a set of 10-46s. I would kind of like to polish the frets a bit, but not sure if I have the right stuff (or where it is at). Action is not too bad. Intonation is not as awful as I thought it would be. I'll tackle it more when I get the new strings, but the D string was most off. I wonder if the tuning instability is mostly in the tuners themselves. If so, I have a set of All Parts tuners that I might try to drop in there. Kind of want to get some thoughts on that before I go ripping tuners of a guitar. The ones I have are staggered height vintage style (7880-001 if anyone cares) and no telling if they would fit until I take off the old ones. Bought an Orange Crush 20 for it and man...I kind of like it. I don't have a lightweight solid state practice amp anymore, but this almost makes me want to get one.
  11. A matte black finish would definitely be a different look for this guitar. It might inspire some pinstriping. What were your mounting ring problems? That seems fairly safe compared to my other failed projects. Today's project was handmade playing cards. It didn't work, but I learned some things. And yes, I did draw the image in my avatar. Guitar playing robots are a favorite subject did mine to draw.
  12. Broken limbs have kept me from it a couple times. There have been other times where I just didn't find the time. At the beginning of 2020 a musical friend of mind asked me to open for him at a small show at a local brewery. It was the first time in ten years I had played in front of people and it demanded I put some practice in. Playing that show ignited something in me again. Then lockdown happened and at one point with two weeks off and nowhere to go I started playing live mini-sets online. I played more guitar in 2020 than I had in the previous 2-3 years combined. In October Jack White played "Ball and Biscuit" on SNL and I decided I was going to learn how to play it once and for all. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm close. SImilarly to OP, I'm 40 and have been playing for 25 years, but it sure doesn't sound like I've been playing that long. I think it was Teddy Roosevelt who said, "Comparisson is the thief of joy." I can do some almost impressive things on a guitar, but sometimes it feels most fun to relax and play E and A back in forth covering Wreckless Eric's "Whole Wide World". ....and I just realized how old the first post was. Oh well. I'm hitting reply anyway in case these words help someone else.
  13. This is at least the second time someone refinished the body. There are some kind of deep sanding scars in the binding. I believe the WIldwood finishes used wood from trees that were injected with dye while the tree was still alive. The streaking in this looks more like it was from different attempts at stain. I got this body from a guy in Oklahoma. Still unsure of the finish. I'm more of a visual artist than a musical one, so I'm very tempted to put a one of a kind stamp on it. I've also considered matte black and shell pink. I've wanted a shell pink guitar for a while now. Yeah, since I'm going to go with some sort of solid finish, it will be mostly about making the surface smooth enough for the first coat of primer. I've never painted anything that has binding before, so that might be a new challenge. Just checked GFS and measured the cavities. The original pickups are surface mount and at 1" (25mm) x 2.875" (73mm) it doesn't look like much of anything fits in it. Dynasonic replicas cover the hole and require four new screw holes and covering the two existing screw holes. It could be that I fabricate a kind of mounting ring that mimics the shape of the original pickups. Most likely I will order a neck in order to figure out the bridge and once I have those in place I'll have a better idea of how high any given pickup can be.
  14. Some time back I inquired about thoughts on a new guitar to celebrate three years of not smoking cigarettes. Won this on eBay a couple weeks ago. I've wanted a Fender Coronado II for 20 years. The thing is, I know a true vintage instrument will command a pretty penny and still maybe not play well. I also know the reissues are semi-hollow instead of truly hollow. So I'm pretty excited to get this body to make the guitar I want. It's not going to be a faithful restoration. The headstock will get the same shape as a nod to the original manufacturer, but I want to do something funky with the finish. I'm not going to track down an original set of pickups, either. Right now I'm leaning towards the Guild DeArmond Dynasonics. The only part I have ordered is a generic tailpiece, which I plan to modify. I'm going to remove the steel anchor and replace it with a wood one that is in the shape of the original. Anyway, here are some pictures. Work is killing me with overtime, so I expect progress to be slow.
  15. I think I like that. I might be flexible at $1100. Sounds like I'm getting a promotion at work. Not super keen on the LP style pickguard, but whatever. The Deerfoot is interesting. Good note on the Doheny not being P90s. I'd still be cool with that since they are unlike any other pickups I have. Still no decision. I've got time. Have also been playing around with the idea of building something. I've have a couple false starts trying to build a guitar in the past, and if I spent a few hundred dollars on a few more tools, I'd probably get farther. I'd probably buy a neck and with the options I want it adds up quickly, but I'd still have something pretty original. I do kind of like that RevStar the more I look at it and it would be easy enough to make one of those a custom looking thing with very small mods. Definitely been in a mode where I appreciate having guitars kind of off the beaten path. Found these recently and it's a whole different animal: Godin made the 5th Avenue Kingpin in black in the 2010s and sometimes they come up for sale. I don't have a true hollow body and this would really be different from anything else I own. Decisions, decisions.
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