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  1. A matte black finish would definitely be a different look for this guitar. It might inspire some pinstriping. What were your mounting ring problems? That seems fairly safe compared to my other failed projects. Today's project was handmade playing cards. It didn't work, but I learned some things. And yes, I did draw the image in my avatar. Guitar playing robots are a favorite subject did mine to draw.
  2. Broken limbs have kept me from it a couple times. There have been other times where I just didn't find the time. At the beginning of 2020 a musical friend of mind asked me to open for him at a small show at a local brewery. It was the first time in ten years I had played in front of people and it demanded I put some practice in. Playing that show ignited something in me again. Then lockdown happened and at one point with two weeks off and nowhere to go I started playing live mini-sets online. I played more guitar in 2020 than I had in the previous 2-3 years combined. In October
  3. This is at least the second time someone refinished the body. There are some kind of deep sanding scars in the binding. I believe the WIldwood finishes used wood from trees that were injected with dye while the tree was still alive. The streaking in this looks more like it was from different attempts at stain. I got this body from a guy in Oklahoma. Still unsure of the finish. I'm more of a visual artist than a musical one, so I'm very tempted to put a one of a kind stamp on it. I've also considered matte black and shell pink. I've wanted a shell pink guitar for a while now.
  4. Some time back I inquired about thoughts on a new guitar to celebrate three years of not smoking cigarettes. Won this on eBay a couple weeks ago. I've wanted a Fender Coronado II for 20 years. The thing is, I know a true vintage instrument will command a pretty penny and still maybe not play well. I also know the reissues are semi-hollow instead of truly hollow. So I'm pretty excited to get this body to make the guitar I want. It's not going to be a faithful restoration. The headstock will get the same shape as a nod to the original manufacturer, but I want to do something funky with the
  5. I think I like that. I might be flexible at $1100. Sounds like I'm getting a promotion at work. Not super keen on the LP style pickguard, but whatever. The Deerfoot is interesting. Good note on the Doheny not being P90s. I'd still be cool with that since they are unlike any other pickups I have. Still no decision. I've got time. Have also been playing around with the idea of building something. I've have a couple false starts trying to build a guitar in the past, and if I spent a few hundred dollars on a few more tools, I'd probably get farther. I'd probably buy a neck and with th
  6. Planning to buy myself a new guitar in January. Kind of looking and saving now. One thing I've never had is a guitar with P90s. I also feel like I'm missing a black guitar. I found an SG with P90s that really caught my eye, but I think it ended up being matte and I'd prefer gloss. Here are my wants: Double cutaway (no Strat bodies) No gold hardware Gloss (not matte) black <$900 Block inlays (if possible) on rosewood or ebony board Prefer no tremolo, but flexible on that. The closest thing I've found is the Yamaha Revstar RS520T It's pretty c
  7. Very cool. I don't have a Yamaha yet, but there are so many that catch my eye. I'd probably buy a vintage RNR or Studio Lord before I picked up a Strat or Les Paul.
  8. Thank you much! It's actually a DeArmond Starfire, but I've got some Gretsch models on my radar
  9. I kind of hesitate to share this because on some level I try to keep music a fun thing that I'm doing. I'm not cutting a record or booking a gig. Anyway, here's a song I wrote for fun. Two cameras, two mics. One take. My voice is off in parts. I let the tempo lag a few times. The outro drags on. It's not professional. I would kind of like to know if I've subconsciously ripped off something else. This is the first time in over a year that I've started and finished a song, and the first time in a long time that I've kind of enjoyed the result.
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