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  1. My daughter is a booking agent for several musicians in the Americana genre, and they (with a couple of others) have put together an online music festival on FaceBook live, during which watchers will be able to donate some bucks to each of the acts. As she says : "In early March every touring musician in the world began to realize that all of their tours and gigs would be cancelled for at least the next three months. The artists and management at Evangeline Presents (plus a few not on the roster!) have banded together to bring fans and live music lovers everywhere a cyber festival on Easter Weekend on Facebook Live. Join us to pioneer the new music world." Go here to see the schedule and links to each artist: https://evangelinepresents.com/staycation-cyber-festival
  2. Phil, What happened to Cool Jam? Are we down the tubes with no warning? I hope it wasn't because of my poast (again) critical of Gibson (the company)? What will DaddyMac do now? 😪 sniff 😫 wah! Bob
  3. This item seems to be only available from electronic parts outlets w/min. orders of $30-50, so it's not cheap enough for me to experiment with. I also don't understand why you want to install a hard-wired cable on it. Can't you just plug a cable in?
  4. I must be missing something. Why you are disassembling the plug and hardwiring a cable to it? Can't you just plug it into the audio unit and plug your guitar cable into that? Or use it as it was intended, plugged into the guitar and thence plugged into the amp or audio unit?
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