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  1. https://www.musicradar.com/news/gibson-just-destroyed-100s-of-firebird-x-guitars-heres-why
  2. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    Thanks ,but I’m using a telecaster type control plate drilled for vol. tone and rotary switch
  3. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    Thanks for the tip Jumper wires are the way to go to see what works
  4. When you get that itch...... Glad you found a winner HNHD it’s a looker🍷
  5. I really don’t have a preference one way or the other
  6. Good move, sorry it wasn’t what you were led to believe
  7. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    The neck pickup is advertised as 10 and the bridge 14 . GFS fat pats that were left from another project
  8. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    I do like the Strat bridge / middle sound But I have a Strat as well so not sure what I’ll end up with
  9. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    Quite a lot of choices It should be fun to consider the options Never knew a place like that existed. Thanks for the info
  10. Put together a partscaster a while back and after playing it a while I decided the blend pot has to go. It isn’t a “no load” pot so it bleeds off some signal. I found this 5 position rotary switch that I plan to try . It’s advertised to function just like a 5 way blade switch . The guitar has 2 humbuckers with 5 wires including the ground Any creative suggestions for a wiring scheme?
  11. Don’t care for the looks of either one but like those Firebird pickups
  12. Reminds me of his good friend Chet Atkins
  13. If guitars are like girlfriends ,I should have a harem.
  14. I'm not afraid to take chances. if I were faced with this situation I would grind the closed eye off the spring and bend down the next coil to form a new one.( Be careful of the sharp edge) If it doesn't work so what springs aren't that expensive. putting a rod through the spring to the last coil should hold the spring straight . Put the rood in a vise .Then a pair of dikes or maybe even a screwdriver and probably a vise grip could be used to bend a new eye. I have done this with other springs.and it can be a little tricky to get started. If it works great ,if you ruin a spring so what The end won't be as pretty as a factory bend but do what you need to
  15. You are correct. We really need more info
  16. Wait a minute ,it seems to me that the spring tension needs to be equal to the string tension, I'm not an expert in physics who can discuss leverage and fulcrums and mechanical advantage ,but at the end of the equation there needs to be balance. Balance is required to keep the trem centered . To think that this balance is so radically different on your strat than on every other strat on the planet makes me suspect that you are doing something illogical Pics would help and maybe even prove me wrong
  17. I don't speak any Chinese but I can figure out enough to know I'm in trouble when I hear her complaining to her friends and it goes something like this Ba ba ba Gardo ba ba ba ba Guitar Center ba ba ba credit card ba ba ba ba
  18. That was a year ago . it seems like it was improving after about a month. I didn't really take note of the time .But today it is fine It never did give trouble playing because I don't close my hand that far.
  19. Scary stuff man. That's the way my finger got stuck except it was the ring finger. Definitely thankful I avoided the surgery'. Mojo sent for a complete recovery .
  20. Returned Guitar Day We recently took a trip to Hainan Island to vacation with the inlaws. We were gone for three weeks so I took along my least expensive guitar, a Squire Affinity Tele. We were taking a lot with us so the best I could do was to capo the strings ,unscrew the neck and stuff it in a suitcase. Worked out pretty good and I had a guitar to play, no amp but I could play in the hotel room. On the trip home we arrived in LA only to discover that our luggage was still in China somewhere .I took my cheapest guitar just in case something like this happened but still...... We were told to file a claim with American Airlines when we arrived in Philly.our final destination. They basically just filled out a form and told us blah,blah ,blah. A week later nothing., ten days nothing,two weeks still waiting. Now we were getting ticked . My wife speaks fluent Mandarin so she called the Chinese airline and tracked them down herself. Seems the bags weren't tagged through to LA so they sat in China. The result ,two days later the bags showed up at our house. Found my guitar and put it back together and played the heck out of it Thanks Wifey Oh yeah, the clothes were fine to Seems like we just made it out before the virus got us I stand corrected ,She didn't actually call them but used WeChat ,it's like a Chinese Facebook
  21. I was told that pulley in the hand is not needed For me it was left hand ring finger, a very important finger For the average person that pulley might not be needed but how would opening it effect playing We have sports doctors and all kinds of specialized doctors but I’ve never heard of a musician doctor. Are there any where you live
  22. Without knowing what kind of amp or seeing any details, I would say it’s a good way to ruin the amp
  23. It’s possible that your Dr might ream out the opening I sure would ask a lot of questions maybe the shots will be enough let’s hope so
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