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  1. what do I think of the tone? overall nice, but compressor =sterilizer
  2. I joined just before the last wave of the party. You could literally set there and watch a thread drop down the page
  3. You added some class to that one, very tasteful
  4. Don’t you want to give it a try with your own hands ? It can be a good learning experience
  5. Yes ,it’s three separate pieces with a floating center
  6. I did check the Guitarfetish website when I ordered. The chrome was out of stock and it's not currently offered by them . I am happy with the one I have . I'll play this one as is and start modding another one
  7. It was a generic type roller that I got from a friend. Very much like this one
  8. Last year I installed a Bigsby on an ES 335 clone. It’s great for what it does but tuning stability was not as great. The first thing I tried was a roller bridge or should I say rattle bridge. Hmmm, my experience as a mechanic told be that if a bearing rattles a little lube will quiet it . So yes I did, I sprayed the bridge with penetrating grease then with cleaner to remove the excess. The result was that it did indeed get rid of the rattle and some what muted the tone. It was great for songs like “Wheels” or “Listen To The Mockingbird “ so I had some fun ,for a while. Now I’ve gone with the
  9. Not to hurt your feelings but I'd say move the decimal point one place to the left and you should be in the ballpark
  10. Another mod is to take the middle pickup off the switch and give it it’s own volume control. You can rewire the switch for series and parallel wiring with the P 90s and bring in the middle pickup anytime. Or just use a 3 way switch for Nashville wiring
  11. I've had blend pots on 2 different Telecasters and found them to be tone suckers. I have a "blend pot " on my Strat for the bridge humbucker blending single and dual coils.,this uses a regular pot.
  12. I’m mildly intrigued by this project. I like the fret markers better than the silly PRS birds anyway. Don’t mind the lightning bolt either. I’ll be following. Thanks for posting
  13. Thanks for the info, I would be interested in knowing more
  14. What is it you are trying to do?
  15. gardo


    Thanks for the suggestion my phone is a little too smart. I opened a new tab, typed T and it was already suggesting the amp for me. I’d give one of those amps a try when life returns to something resembling normal
  16. I ran into the same thing the first time I wired a switch
  17. top view and bottom view.
  18. gardo


    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “killer amp “
  19. gardo


    Thanks. Guys It does a nice “Wichita Lineman “ solo
  20. gardo


    Here’s one with my epi for comparison
  21. gardo


    After literally decades of looking I pulled the trigger and bought an acoustic bass. I know they aren’t loud enough acoustically which is why I never bought one. Saturday MF had them for the stupid deal of the day at $169 . That was it I had to have one It’s a Dean EAB satin finish .. spruce top mahogany neck and body . Something called balsamo for the fretboard it’s a 34 inch scale and like 50 inches overall I like the satin finish on the neck and the build quality seems decent . The strings are D’Addario phos bronze so the sound is a little bright but useable. Playing with a
  22. A different thought on the weight of a guitar is that it can be too light. I once went to GC intending to come home with an Ibanez AF55.. I even brought along my own amp . The big turnoff was the guitar felt like it was made of balsa wood. Eventually I did buy an Ibanez AF75 which just feels more substantial than the AF55. The tailpiece is big part of the difference for sure. I just like the way it feels
  23. Well at least you’re generating traffic
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