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  1. Yet my cheap Squier Affinity Tele has a body of solid alder . The fret work on the solid maple neck was great too The electronics were the cheap part
  2. Glad you got it threaded. If you do use a vise you should use soft jaws of some sort to avoid scarring the arm. A couple pieces of wood might work I’ll let you know if I come up with any ideas I removed the knob ,sawed it off then put it in a vise and slipped a small pipe over the end to bend mine. Pressed the knob back on and it’s just fine
  3. Just buy a new one that fits, it could even be cut down and rebent if needed easier than rethreading what you have now
  4. Should be an awesome project and fun to play. Hope you post pics (if anyone is still here to see them) I put together a partscaster in Still Scheming thread and ,as you said, learned a few things for the next time And if we talk cheap guitars, cheap is what mine was all about
  5. That top is fantastic, should be a real work of art when it's finished. Keep doin' what you do so well
  6. Countersink the holes and dress the edges with a half round file and put it on for a test fit I need to do a little more contouring but took some pics while the light is good. The difference between black and tort is subtle but nice. And of course no one likes the red but I did it anyway The more I look at the red the more I like it
  7. Ok, I had.a little time this afternoon so I knocked out a couple pickgaurds
  8. simply laying a pickgaurd in place will show you if the alignment is off a little .especially good to know if you're using a tele control plate. so that everything fits
  9. I just finished a patskcaster (Still Scheming ) Is that a string through bridge or a top loader? A string through pretty much has to go where it goes. I used pins through the bridge into the holes to help locate it . If you have a standard telecaster pickgaurd , laying it in place will help you see alignment (even if you don’t plan to use one) The neck I used had been on two other guitars before it came to me. I ran a 1/4” drill into the existing screw holes and glued in hardwood dowels. They just needed taped in with a small hammer. ThenI carefully clamped the neck in place and used dental floss for the 1 and 6 strings and moved neck for best alignment . A drill bit twisted between my fingers did a good job marking the location .Took off the neck, marked them with a pencil and off to the drill press . Make sure to keep it level when drilling and don’t go too deep
  10. Thank you Freeman . One of the best tips I got came from one of your threads, don’t remember which one. This was setting the saddles to the lowest position and laying a straight edge on the neck and aiming for the top of the saddle. I thought it would be too low but tried anyway. It came out great
  11. What are you playing now ,and what is it you like and dislike about it ?
  12. The black one will be a. pattern to cut the tort once everything is dialed in I like the tort as well
  13. I considered a full pickgaurd but the majority opinion was in favor of a small one . I like it and I could always go to a full size if I changed my mind Out of curiosity I weighed it, 7.b., 1 oz
  14. Okay it’s pretty much done. Still need to get the setup dialed in and I somehow got two wires reversed on the blend pot but it’s complete.. The wires will be easy to swap. I had to try wiring the pickup coils in series but not sure if they will stay that way. I’ll give it a chance but will probably go to normal humbucker wiring Here she is and another with the Tele Trio
  15. Finished the wiring. I took your suggestion and went series . I haven’t tested it yet but it should be good. Used a blend pot instead of a switch . Mainly because I already had the control plate and pot..
  16. is it really better than the free apps ?
  17. Thanks , some good choices out there. Should be able to get one that works for me
  18. Got Shanghaied into helping my neighbor build a deck. Today is a rainy day so back to more important things. Cut down the black tele pickgaurd and fastened everything in place. l like it but plan to use the guard as a template to cut one from the tort sometime later Time for some wiring ,strap buttons and strings.
  19. Is there an decent app that doesn’t require plugging anything into the phone ? Fender has a free app if it’s good
  20. Glad you got what you wanted Any pics ?
  21. My HSS strat uses a coil tap when the switch in the mid /bridge position to balance the pickups. I jumped from that for a tap in bridge pos
  22. I agree.tort is the favorite, but I'm still going to cut a piece of red for kicks
  23. My first thought was black but the tort has a classic look that is nice
  24. Possible pickgaurd shape Using cardboard to visualize the PG .The control plate and Pups are not fastened yet . I rather like this idea which is really just a cut off standard PG . Any thoughts?
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