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  1. The first post in high tech is a request for Jazzmaster info Take a look
  2. I had some suspicion that it's an inside scheme to create traffic ,but Grant is probably right
  3. With. so many necro threads should we have a “respond by “ time or should we just be glad someone is responding
  4. It's fixed, but nobody seems to know it
  5. If this guy says they should be avoided I would take his advice .
  6. I see MXL 990 usb mics on sale for $109. Picked one up a year or two ago.get really good results after I figured out how download the preamp. we've used it for voice and instruments . I didn't realize how noisey my quiet house is until I tried the first recording. Cars driving by,dogs barking even the hvac system are very noticeable background noise, A soundproof studio would be ideal.
  7. Playing style also enters into the equation. If you like low action and hit the strings hard there will be fret buzz. You can use the edge of a credit card to check for a high fret. Just lay the edge of the card across 3 frets. If the card rocks , you have a high fret One, school of thought says it's an electric guitar if it sounds fine through the amp why worry about it,especially if a tech set it up and didn't find a problem.
  8. Wow ,I thought that was a walkman ,didn't realize it was a cassette adapter for an 8 track . Really a rare one The cool chicks didn't like my BOC Secret Treaties either ,seems like everyone wanted disco .Bah
  9. I do remember but didn't know anyone actually still had a walkman.
  10. If I bought it from a store I would take it to them and ask for help with it . If I bought online I would set the action and relief first off, If that didn't cure the problem I would contact the seller. You may pay a bit more buying from a store but having someone there to help you is worth something
  11. gardo

    Not Bad

    Not bad at all In fact it looks pretty good
  12. Thanks for thinking about us . Rub it in about the beach all you want,that's Okay. In a few weeks I'm heading over to Hainan Island to check out their beaches.
  13. That chambered thing is a looker also nice to know Crusty is still around
  14. Mine had a 67 Ford wagon with an 8 track. Back then I thought it sounded pretty good. You're right ,they did not like the cold
  15. You are correct that the biggest challenge may be convincing guitarists to try them Honestly ,if I buy premium strings I'll be looking at Thomastik-Infeld because of past experience
  16. Well, my daughter just got a guitar . Asked her if she wanted it before I sold it and she grabbed it up. So all's well that ends well I suppose.
  17. Don’t blame you a bit pawn shop, Ibanez, f-holes is already enough but a signed George Benson would be almost impossible to ignore HNGD never seen a tailpiece like that, what’s It all about
  18. I did the same thing. Funny thing, I really don't remember what ever happened to my 8 track recorder.
  19. That’s just to purty to put in a case and from your description it sounds and plays just as good HNGD
  20. If more is better too much is just right I had a couple of his 8 tracks
  21. And lost about 20 percent of his hearing too
  22. That’s because Smoke on the Water hadn’t been written yet
  23. It's big ,its award , it's loud acoustilay and it's beautiful Ted Nugent knew how to rock a jazz box
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