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  1. The original thread from over 11 years ago was in regards to the Peavey Wolfgang, not the EVH Wolfgang. Totally different thing.
  2. Dude... That was 14 years ago and was a hot topic on all the guitar forums.
  3. I'm a fan of cheap gear, although I'm not as good at finding the deals as @Frets99. My current favorite guitar in my collection is my Squier CV60s Strat that I put a Callaham block, saddles, and '64 arm on as well as a mint '62 guard with Fender PV65 pickups. Even without the mods the thing plays like butter and resonates like a mofo.
  4. I wish I had $10K worth of gear. I don't think all my guitars together come close to that. LOL I think the grand total of gear for this demo, including my computer, is $2K. LOL
  5. Well, they shipped me the guitar for free and said I could keep it. I did the review as honestly as possible. Given that this is a $120 guitar, I reviewed it as such. If you read the whole thing, there are definite things I would (and definitely am) going to change on this guitar. I'm going to swap out the bridge plate (I'm on Reverb right now looking for one) and saddles as well as the bridge pickup since that's not doing it for me. I need more meat in the bridge but I still want bright twang. The saddles slide all over when I hit the strings hard, but Fender's version of the bridge does
  6. So, I was contacted recently regarding reviewing this guitar, the Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow T-Style and I chose Transparent Wine Red. Glarry sells it direct for $119.99 and that includes free shipping. The spec is: So, the first thing I want to get out of the way is this: I spent 6 years working in musical instrument retail for two fairly high-volume retailers and the rarity of a guitar being set up well out of the box is astounding, so I'm always frustrated when reviews knock brand new guitars for not being perfectly set up out of the box. You're shipping a stick mad
  7. Yeah, so HC committing seppuku many moons ago hasn't killed my GAS. It only got worse. Apparently this place rose from the digital ashes several months ago and I just discovered that a week or two ago. Are there any familiar faces around here anymore? Anybody shocked to see me? LOL
  8. That looks almost exactly like my ModTone tuner except it's white.
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